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Zayo Enterprise Solutions

Easy, secure networking for your business

Your business needs a network that doesn’t go down. You need a network that’s secured from cyber attacks. You need the Cloud and you need it to be easy. Zayo’s Enterprise Solutions provide reliable, dedicated, and secure bandwidth — no congestion from sharing with other users — all from a single vendor, all locally supported.

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Networking services — packaged for the enterprise

Zayo Enterprise Solutions provide two bundled offerings created with the enterprise in mind.

Our Shielded Internet Access (SIA) bundle provides you with a dedicated, reliable, and fast Internet connection including automated DDoS Protection with always-on monitoring, attack identification, and unlimited mitigation — all at a single port, delivered from a single vendor.

Our Shielded Virtual Network (SVN) bundle takes it one step further, allowing you to bundle your Internet and security with a private network connecting all your sites — all for one low price.

Add CloudLink to either bundle. CloudLink is Zayo’s private, dedicated connection to your Cloud service provider, and brings the Cloud directly to your enterprise location.

Superior performance

We own and operate the underlying fiber infrastructure (the companies you’ve been buying Internet from run on our network). Whether you are networking between multiple locations, accessing the Internet, or connecting to the Cloud, there’s no slow-down from sharing bandwidth. You get the high-speed Internet you expect.

Secure and reliable

DDoS attacks are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and more disruptive. Zayo’s DDoS Protection mitigates an attack before it impacts your business. Our dedicated service and support teams are available around the clock, actively managing your IP traffic for consistent performance. The result: your Internet traffic remains active at all times.

Easy and cost-effective

Because we have packaged dedicated multi-site connectivity, high-speed Internet, security protection, and optional CloudLink on a single port on our fiber network, we can offer it at a significant cost savings. It’s easy to quote and order in our customer service portal, and we provide flexible commercial terms.

How to Buy It

Shielded Internet Access

Zayo’s Shielded Internet Access (SIA) is a dedicated, reliable, and fast internet connection for single-site businesses including automated DDoS Protection with always-on monitoring, attack identification, and unlimited auto-mitigation. Add CloudLink, and connect to any cloud service provider of your choice.

Shielded Virtual Network

Shielded Virtual Network (SVN) is a dedicated, secure, multi-site private network solution that allows SIA to be added at certain locations. This competitive package from Zayo takes care of your multi-site private networking, your single-site Internet, your Internet security, and your direct connection to the cloud – all delivered on one service, with dedicated bandwidth up to 10G.

Need enterprise-grade, secure connectivity?

Zayo Enterprise Solutions provides multi-site connectivity, dedicated, and high-performance Internet, shielded from security threats.

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