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Low-latency and High-performance IP Transit

IP Transit

When your end-users demand exceptional experiences delivered over the Internet, Zayo’s IP Transit (AS6461) can provide high-quality connectivity, leveraging our resilient 16,000,000 mile fiber IP backbone and dense metro fiber networks, along with smart networking and deep peering relationships, to deliver the optimal performance your customers deserve.

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Network performance to optimize your end-user experience

Maintaining consistent low-latency performance for your end-users requires an IP Transit service from a global Tier-1 ISP. Zayo’s deep and insightfully distributed peering relationships, massive underlying network and IP operational intelligence connect you seamlessly to all major carriers, content providers and SaaS providers. Treat your users to an exceptional IP experience.

Smart networking, uncontended bandwidth

Zayo proactively augments capacity on our IP core and peering infrastructure as utilization increases, virtually eliminating network congestion, ensuring failover protection, and providing consistent performance for your critical online traffic. This means our customers should expect zero loss of data — and delighted end-users.

Dense peering for lower latency

To reduce latency and ensure optimal performance, Zayo has 30Tb of global peering capacity and edge connections across our network. Our peering is intelligently distributed around the world rather than only in major Tier 1 markets. This provides better performance with fewer hops between networks, ensuring your data takes the optimal path for your end-users.

Stability that scales

As an IP transit provider, we offer solutions of up to 100G of dedicated bandwidth in all major markets — allowing your business to seamlessly scale as your customers’ demands grow. Our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) ensures the ongoing stability of our network — keeping you and your end-users connected and prepared for what’s next.

  • 1400
    On-net data centers
  • 250 +
    IP PoPs
  • 30 Tb
    Peering capacity
  • 50 %
    We augment our network at 50% utilization

Zayo Network

Zayo Network

Top 10 CAIDA ranked, Zayo-owned

The foundation of Zayo’s internet connectivity is our network infrastructure across North America and Europe, with more than 16 million fiber miles and a fully redundant MPLS backbone. With maximum fiber routes, each packet takes the shortest path toward its destination.

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Features & Benefits

Zayo provides IP Transit services over our high capacity, globally interconnected network, using our single Tier-1 autonomous system (AS6461) and our extensive peering arrangements, ensuring a stellar IP experience. Test it for yourself with Zayo’s Looking Glass.

  • Low latency delivery: The foundation of our AS6461 is our owned underlying superhighway of 16 million miles of fiber.
  • Conveniently customizable: Configuration options include standard, link aggregation, and burstable service capabilities, with static, default, and BGP routing.
  • Cater to the unpredictable: Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth with burstable options accommodate traffic spikes.
  • A true performance difference: Zayo evenly distributes our peering relationships throughout the network, reducing latency and ensuring there isn’t a corner of the globe we don’t reach. See Zayo’s AS communities here.
  • Room to grow: IP Transit is offered with speeds up to and beyond 100Gbps.
  • Compliant: Zayo’s IP Transit supports multiple protocols, including Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) topologies Bidirectional Forward Detection (BFD) protocol, and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP).
  • Prepared for what’s next: Zayo offers dual stack support for IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously.

Deliver better end-user experience with Zayo

Only low latency, high-bandwidth Internet can provide the strongest experience for your end user — Zayo’s IP transit service can deliver the high quality direct connectivity you need.

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IP Transit Overview

Zayo’s IP Transit (AS 6461) offers low latency direct Internet connectivity, while leveraging our 16M mile fiber IP backbone and dense metro fiber networks to deliver optimal performance.

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Global Peering and Interconnection Policy

This Policy provides guidelines for the selection of network peers on a global or regional basis to connect to Zayo’s public network AS6461

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Dedicated Internet Access IP Transit

This document provides Zayo customers a definition and the technical standards of Zayo’s Dedicated Internet Access (“DIA”) and IP Transit services. Zayo considers non-standard designs on an Individual Case Basis (“ICB”). Throughout this document, DIA and IP Transit may be referred to as “IP Products” in situations where the standards apply to both.

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