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Zayo’s Private Network Solutions power secure operations

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Network Performance, Simplicity, and Security

Does your organization demand the highest levels of performance, simplicity, and security to support your demanding business functions? Zayo understands the challenge and offers private fiber networks, a managed, customized product that offers dedicated fiber, dedicated hardware, and a dedicated Zayo team to keep your users, applications, and data as protected as possible without the complexity of a self-owned network. Zayo’s dedicated network delivers:

The advantages of dark fiber without the need for costly in-house expertise.

Fiber and equipment provisioned for a single customer — no shared resources.

A Network Operations Center (NOC) team devoted to your 24x7x365 support.

Private Network Solutions for Leading-edge Customers

For organizations who want the power of dark fiber without the complexity of self-management, private networks can offer a compelling mix of features and benefits. Zayo’s customers include customers with challenging demands, including state and local governments, school systems, financial institutions, healthcare institutions and media. With a Zayo private network, you will be able to:

Support Superior Performance

Private networks offer all the bandwidth of dark fiber, up to 400G, and provide you with access to diverse and deep routes, including low-latency connections between cities for the most demanding applications. We offer 16 million miles of fiber and 15 unique long haul routes.

Build on Simplicity

Private networks are an unusual capability, and Zayo offers leading expertise. Our distinctive competence around implementation, management, and maintenance simplifies your experience in ways other vendors cannot provide. Our team of network engineers will devise, deploy, and run your network — and then turn on connectivity and bandwidth, as needed.

Rely on Integrated Security

With encryption as a feature, coupled with dedicated hardware, dedicated connections, and a dedicated team of network operations professionals, your services will be physically segregated from risky, legacy networks that are easy to attack and compromise, adding safety to everything you do. We support 25 of the top 30 Global Banks, 70% of the top U.S. financial services firms, and 70% of the top hospitals in the US.

Zayo invested time to really understand what we needed and to give us options. Cyrus Farudi COO Fan Controlled Football

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Dark Fiber

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Leveraging our 16 million fiber mile network, Zayo’s Dark Fiber services provide the network foundation for the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

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With Zayo’s Wavelengths, you get high-speed, dedicated, and secure connectivity with low and predictable latency to meet growing bandwidth demands for mission-critical applications.

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Want the benefits of a dedicated fiber network without the hassle?

With Zayo Private Networks, you can leave the design, installation and management of your network to us.

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