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Zayo’s quarterly financial results are being made available to its debtholders via a secure data site. All future earnings announcements and earnings conference call logistics will be posted to this site. Current and prospective bondholders can email to gain access.

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Zayo and Fermaca Partner to Deliver the Most Advanced Cross-Border Connectivity Between the United States and Mexico

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Zayo Unveils Significant Network Expansion and Industry-First Product Innovation to Enable Customers to Connect What’s Next

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Zayo Group Appoints Jeffrey Noto as Chief Financial Officer

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Zayo Boosts Infrastructure Leadership in Europe with Pivotal Fiber Expansion Connecting Global Internet Hubs of Paris and Marseille

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Zayo Unveils Latest Series of Infrastructure Expansions with 22 New Long-Haul Dark Fiber, 400G, and Transpacific Subsea Routes

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ENA by Zayo Brings Relief To K-12 School Districts With New Offerings

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Zayo Adds New Infrastructure in Key International Border Cities

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