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At Zayo, we recognize the vital role that seamless, high-capacity connectivity plays in the success of modern data centers. Zayo is prepared to be your trusted partner, ensuring connectivity to your customers’ enterprise locations, reliable interconnectivity between your data centers to support your network, and high-bandwidth, low-latency IP Transit to facilitate your bandwidth services.

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Support Your Customer’s AI Workloads

AI workloads require high bandwidth capacity. To connect all customers at your locations, tap into 400G in long-haul wavelength capacity and up to 400G IP capacity from Zayo. Zayo has the largest 400G-enabled wavelength network in America—over 85% of our fiber network is 400G-enabled. 

Seamlessly Connect in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Markets

Gain access to network connectivity where you need it with Zayo’s enterprise data center solutions. Our modern, high-capacity network spans over 17.5 million fiber miles, connecting 48,000 buildings and 1,600 data centers globally. Since 2023, we’ve added over 2,000 miles of dark fiber and seven long-haul routes, ensuring our customers can meet evolving needs. Our expansive network reach means you can consolidate your network with a single partner. 

Fiber Enablement for Your Real Estate Investments

The race is on to secure space, power, and connectivity for modern data centers. Look to Zayo to provide fiber to your future locations. When you have a land option or a new purchase, we provide connectivity expertise helping you provide connectivity options for your tenant(s). Our resilient, bespoke fiber solutions are tailored to your hyperscale customer needs, leveraging our dense metro fiber, long-haul backbone, and planned future expansions.

Easily Generate New Revenue Streams

Partnering with Zayo opens up new possibilities for your business. Our data center customers enjoy flexible terms and preferred pricing, empowering you to create impactful cloud and connectivity solutions. This not only enhances your service offerings but also paves the way for new revenue streams, positively impacting your bottom line.

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Are you searching for a trustworthy network provider to connect your enterprise customers?

Zayo is more than just a fiber provider. We provide world-class support and leading-edge networking solutions including IP, Ethernet, Waves, and CloudLink to meet the needs of your innovative enterprise customers. Plus, we offer the network reach to connect their dispersed data center locations. We’re already connected to 1,600 data centers, making us the go-to single provider for enterprise connectivity across data center campuses.

Zayo’s at the top of our list when it comes to connectivity and fiber in the ground to all the major markets that our clients need. Everybody else would be a distant second to Zayo on that infrastructure.

Wes Swanson

CEO, Novva

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Dark Fiber

Diverse Dark Fiber to Power Your Future

With provisioned dark fiber you can light as needed, you’ll have a simple and powerful way to add bandwidth whenever and wherever you need to grow — letting you reliably interconnect locations and power new builds. Zayo is accelerating our expansion, adding dozens of new long-haul and metro connections every year to meet customer demand across 400 global markets.


Fast, Tailored, and Scalable Wavelengths

Direct, predictable, customized networks with route transparency on the largest 400G-enabled Wavelength in North America help distributed data centers do more without complexity or compromise to support the most demanding customers and workloads, including AI.

IP Transit

Resell High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency IP

Our high-bandwidth, low-latency IP services offer unparalleled performance, unmatched stability, and seamless connectivity across our Tier-1 network infrastructure – helping you to create competitive fabric solutions for your customers.


Ethernet for Enterprise Sites

Zayo’s Ethernet, with guaranteed bandwidth performance and a self-healing network, keeps enterprise sites and services connected, without congestion. Plus, Zayo offers preferred data center pricing – empowering data centers to offer reliable Ethernet services.


Optimize Cloud Connections with CloudLink

Private connectivity with multiple transport and topology options gives companies and data center providers a better way to connect to all major cloud service providers, with on-ramps in many international markets.

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wavelength network in North America

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