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With our powerful retail network connectivity solutions and managed services, respond quickly to your customer’s buying preferences and easily adapt to economic shifts.

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Be Adaptable, Be Profitable

Ensure profitability while seamlessly offering the buying channels customer demand. Zayo’s full product suite, from our modern network to SD-WAN, provides the network foundation for it all.

Connect and Unify

With more than 380 low-latency on-ramps to cloud providers and 1,500+ on-net data centers, Zayo connects all of your retail locations, data centers and distribution centers with high-bandwidth networking.

Enable Next-Gen Experiences

Private 5G wireless enables novel network solutions for retailers in purchasing measurement, cashierless checkout, inventory management, targeted ads, AI analytics, and more. Bandwidth-infused sites can leverage IoT to track products across shelves and continents with millimeter precision.


Yesterday’s retail network cannot support tomorrow’s ideas. Meet the challenge with an intelligent, user-friendly software-defined network, that gives you the agility, security, and availability required to innovate and scale.

Edge & Security

Managed Edge & Security for Retail

We offer Edge & Security solutions to support your growing omnichannel ecosystem, to improve security and operational efficiencies for all locations, and to interconnect and automate customer interactions.

Fiber & Transport

The network foundation for Retail

Our high performing and reliable Fiber & Transport backbone helps you transfer critical data to processing centers faster. We offer bandwidth up to 400G on a secure, low latency, and scalable network.

Network Connectivity

Carrier-grade packet performance for Retail

We provide carrier grade, high-performance bandwidth. Whether you’re networking multiple locations, accessing the Internet, connecting with your customers, processing data in the Cloud, or protecting your company from DDoS attacks, we offer a range of network connectivity solutions for retail stores, distribution centers and flagship locations.

Voice & Collaboration

Connect with your customers, suppliers, and staff

With Zayo’s end-to-end managed cloud voice & collaboration services, your business can increase productivity, reduce costs, support your workers, decrease cumbersome phone maintenance, and ensure a seamless path to future growth.

Ready for the Future of Retail

Find out how you can create seamless customer connections with Zayo.
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Expansive, Global Network Capabilities

Download our mapbook to explore Zayo’s unmatched global network throughout North America and Europe.