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High speed, reliable Internet for your day-to-day

Dedicated Internet Access

Whether you’re meeting the demands of a hybrid workforce or bandwidth-hungry applications, Zayo’s Tier-1 Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is engineered for the enterprise.

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Imagine bandwidth that’s always there for you

We have the network size and performance of the largest carriers in the world, and we provide the flexibility and ease that enterprises expect. The size and scale of our wholly-owned fiber network, combined with proactive capacity management, means that Zayo can guarantee bandwidth with a fully symmetrical dedicated connection to the Internet, whenever you need it. And when you need us, we’re available around the clock.

Performance and reliability

Zayo leverages our vast fiber network to provide differentiated internet connectivity to our customers. Globally distributed peering and edge connections reduce latency and ensure optimal Internet performance. Zayo doesn’t oversubscribe our network and we provide dedicated ports to our customers. The result: you get the dedicated bandwidth you pay for.

Flexibility and support

With Zayo, you can aggregate committed bandwidth across all sites — no matter where they are. Aggregating traffic commitments absorbs uneven traffic patterns among your locations and streamlines billing. And Zayo’s Network Operations Center (NOC) supports you around the clock, 24/7/365. 

Protection and peace of mind

DDoS cyber attacks are growing in number, frequency and sophistication. Zayo’s DDoS Protection grows with your company and ensures your network is shielded from DDoS attacks. You can cover all your Zayo IP services with a single, network-based DDoS Protection service.  Set up is seamless and requires no network reconfiguration. 

  • 44000
    On-net buildings
  • 1400
    On-net data centers
  • 250
    IP PoPs
  • 16 M
    Fiber miles

Don’t Compromise Your Network with Shared Bandwidth: Part 2

Zayo’s Enterprise Solutions provide reliable, dedicated, and secure bandwidth — no congestion from sharing with other users — all from a single vendor, all locally supported. Watch our Ice-skating video and find out what your options are with Zayo.

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Zayo Network

Zayo Network

Top 10 CAIDA ranked, Zayo-owned

The foundation of Zayo’s Internet service is our network infrastructure across North America and Europe. With more than 16 million fiber miles and 44,000 on-net buildings, Zayo’s network has the size and scale to help you grow seamlessly, from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

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Features & Benefits

Zayo provides DIA services over our high capacity, globally interconnected network, using our single Tier-1 autonomous system (AS6461), ensuring a stellar IP experience for your users.

  • Conveniently customizable: Configuration options include standard, link aggregation, and burstable service capabilities, with static, default, and BGP routing.
  • Bandwidth dedicated to your business: DIA provides Internet connections directly from your building(s) to a Zayo point of presence (PoP) or data center to one or more customer locations — normally within a metropolitan area.
  • Efficient designs save time and money: DIA over Ethernet supports the ability to layer additional WAN services.
  • Cater to the unpredictable: Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth with burstable options accommodate traffic spikes.
  • Room to grow: DIA is offered with enterprise speeds of 10Mbps to 10Gbps.
  • Prepared for what’s next: Zayo offers dual stack support for IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously.
Technical Overview

High-speed Internet for the enterprise

Meet the growing demands on your business with direct internet access from Zayo.

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