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Zayo provides the underlying communications solutions to ensure the success of your digital transformation plans.

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Technology, data, connectivity: the future of patient care

The healthcare industry is under huge pressure to accelerate the rate of digital transformation to improve patient outcomes and experience while lowering costs. Patients expect a first-class digital experience before and after visits; hospital systems are expanding, incorporating smaller remote facilities and partner organizations, and are using cloud services to deliver seamless services. Staff onboarding for both compliance and new skills requirements utilizes distance learning and on-site VR training, and everything in hospitals going forward is connected, allowing cloud-based AI to monitor devices and patients, enabling real-time reporting, alarming and preventative maintenance on everything and everyone.

This requires a modern intelligent network that ensures data gets to the right place in a timely and secure manner. Zayo blends AI enhanced operations, software-defined networking and security, and the largest independent fiber network to meet these demanding needs.

Improve the patient experience

Using a blend of our fiber-based services and optimizing your network with Enhanced SD-WAN can ensure that your end-user experiences consistently meet expectations. Zayo’s low-latency Tier 1 Internet backbone, when connected to your data center, delivers consistent performance for patients and end-users, no matter whose network they are on.

Fuel innovation with data

Our fiber links can move data with huge velocity from your sites to data centers and from there to cloud partners using our 380+ low-latency links to cloud on-ramps around the world. We enable greater data interoperability between partners and facilitate AI and big data analytics for new areas like predictive healthcare.

All securely connected

We understand how important security is for healthcare. From our 16 million miles of fiber to our extensive SASE service protecting the data flowing in and out of your facilities, your data is safe in our hands.

Rethinking the Network for Transformative Healthcare

Digital services have transformed the healthcare industry, delivering improved efficiency, reducing risk and increasing awareness. Download our whitepaper to learn the key priorities that organizations focus on.

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Prepare for what’s next in healthcare

Find out how you can accelerate digital transformation for healthcare with Zayo.

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