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Drive operational efficiencies, deliver better care, and reduce costs with Zayo’s modern network and Managed Edge services.

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Benefits for Healthcare

Elevate Patient Experience

Offer an in-office feel for your remote patients and transmit critical video and voice messages through mobile and telehealth applications. Zayo’s full range of bandwidth options, up to 400G, sharpens video, eliminates delay, and guarantees uptime.

Improve Productivity

If you’re leveraging AI technology to identify and analyze healthcare trends, streamline claims processing, reduce revenue cycles, and manage electronic medical records (EMR), Zayo’s high-bandwidth connections to the Cloud ensure fast and seamless data flow.

Powerful, Future-Ready Network

Effortlessly integrate your remote care providers into a robust network that guarantees reliability and uninterrupted access to critical applications – so they’re never offline. AI constantly monitors and proactively addresses faults across your network, guaranteeing continuous uptime.

Protect Patient Data

Ensure the privacy of your patients’ data with Zayo’s security solutions, which include cloud access security broker (CASB) and pre-configured government compliance threat protection for healthcare organizations.

From our pre-IPO days until now, we’ve needed a network that would scale with us as our company matured and customer base grew. Zayo has helped us be successful as we continued growing.

Refugio Fernandez


Ready to take your healthcare organization to the next level?

Zayo is here to help you achieve your goals with a modern network optimized for today's digital demands.

Edge & Security

Elevate security and efficiency

Transform your digital ecosystem with Zayo’s edge & security solutions. Discover improved security, streamlined operational efficiency, and control costs through our highly distributed, secured edge-to-core-to-cloud network.

Voice & Collaboration

Patient & provider communication, transformed

Struggling with managing large patient call volumes, increasing your staff productivity, reducing costs, and optimizing communication? We can help. Zayo offers a complete cloud-based, end-to-end voice and collaboration solution. And the best part? It’s intuitive and easy to use.

Network Connectivity

High-performance bandwidth from a Tier-1 provider

Seamlessly connect all your sites, easily reach patients and caregivers, securely access the Cloud, and protect your business from DDoS attacks. Zayo offers a range of carrier-grade network connectivity solutions for the healthcare industry.

Fiber & Transport

The foundation of healthcare networks

Harness the potential of a high-performing, reliable, and scalable suite of Fiber & Transport products. Instantly access additional bandwidth, reduce latency, and improve resilience with capacity up to 400G.

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A Hybrid Cloud Solution in Government Healthcare

A global Systems Integrator (SI), offering digital and cloud transformation services across over 40 industries, had a complex problem to solve for a national healthcare customer in Europe. They turned to Zayo for the solution.


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