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DDoS Protection

Stop DDoS attacks before they impact your business

As DDoS attacks grow in volume, sophistication and speed, so does the imperative to increase protection — without interrupting business. Zayo’s DDoS Protection secures your enterprise with a network-based solution that identifies DDoS attacks with accuracy and mitigates them before your business is impacted.

Precise, scalable DDoS Protection

Zayo’s DDoS Protection proactively monitors for attacks against your IP traffic at the Zayo network edge. Then, taking advantage of the depth of our Tier 1 IP network, we mitigate attacks to the precision of a single IP address, allowing your critical applications to continue to flow unimpeded. 

We protect more than just your website. We protect your network. Zayo’s DDoS Protection filters malicious traffic at Zayo’s peering edge before the attack reaches your network. When needed, we redirect attack traffic to our global scrubbing centers, returning only clean traffic to you. Zayo’s DDoS Protection shields your network and lets you focus on your business.

Cost-effective security

Avoid unpredictable costs from attack traffic bandwidth spikes with monthly subscription options and protect all of your Zayo IP services at any location, anywhere on Zayo’s Tier 1 network, with one single DDoS Protection service.

Protection made easy

Because we don’t rely on GRE tunnels, Zayo’s DDoS Protection eliminates an added level of vulnerability — protecting you against GRE Bypass attacks while mitigating configuration complexities.

We make it easy for you to stay protected — there’s no network reconfiguration or downtime needed. Only a list of your IP addresses is required to activate service.

  • Top 10
    Ranked Tier 1 network*
  • 27 +Tb
    Peering capacity
  • 250 +
    IP PoPs globally

*Recognized by CAIDA

4 Reasons to Invest in DDoS Protection in 2022

We spoke to our very own Chief Security Officer to get the lowdown on why companies of all sizes must invest in DDoS protection in 2022. Read on for four key insights.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Our network protects yours: DDoS Protection is network-based – a single DDoS Protection Service covers all of your Zayo Internet services, circuits, and locations.
  • 24×7 protection: We continuously monitor, identify, and stop DDoS attack activity proactively.
  • Automated protection: Our service automatically stops DDoS attacks — in real-time.
  • Faster, more reliable protection: Zayo has scrubbing devices throughout our network, and we distribute mitigation across them all. This design results in faster and more reliable mitigation.
  • Efficient protection: Service activation is totally devoid of GRE Tunnels, hardware, and configuration requirements. Service is enabled at the IP address level globally.
  • Customer control and meaningful insights: Zayo’s DDoS Protection portal provides monitoring, reporting insights, and self-service capabilities to set thresholds and attack prevention parameters.
  • Surgically applied: Since scrubbing is done at the individual IP address level, our service eliminates disruption for non-targeted IP addresses.
Technical Overview

Mitigate risk with Zayo DDoS Protection

Leverage the strength of Zayo’s Tier 1 network and our DDoS mitigation to proactively protect your business.

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