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How could you move forward faster with a partner who understands the demanding needs of mobile infrastructure? Zayo understands just how challenging it is to deliver mobility solutions as fast as possible, wherever possible, with the range needed to provide quality of service and customer satisfaction. Zayo delivers both network and small cell products that meet the expansion and service quality demands of leading mobile service providers. With Zayo, you can expect:

Fronthaul and backhaul fiber to the tower (FTT)

Small cell infill deployment for improved signal strength

Dedicated sales, engineering, and support teams to help you move forward faster

Custom Mobile Solutions for Distinctive Needs

Mobile carriers need to build differentiated mobile networks faster than ever before in a highly competitive market. Most network providers can’t keep up, but Zayo can. Zayo understands your needs and challenges, and will help you by supporting demanding rollouts without overruns or delays, with a full suite of technologies to support what you do, and with the ability to use capital or operationalize the work we do. Zayo’s cellular infrastructure delivers:

Access to the Edge

Zayo’s deep and expansive metro fiber infrastructure gives you closer access to your users. You can locate your aggregation points closer to cells for shorter backhaul. Low-latency express routes within a market improve your data transfer. Our rights to thousands of rooftops streamlines your design and accelerates time to value.

Turnkey Solutions

Zayo knows how to design your entire network, not just fronthaul and backhaul. Our ability to deliver custom networks, FTT, and small cells gives carriers a better way to provision and accelerate rollouts without added complexity or compromise. Our unique, customizable solutions make mobile service better.

Mobile-specific Expertise

For a decade, Zayo delivered the expertise your wireless project requires, including construction licensing in 49 U.S. states, permitting, local regulatory rules regarding pole selection, inside and outside private wireless services, and the fiber foundation supporting your wireless network. Every mobile carrier in the U.S. partners with Zayo.

Zayo has been great to work with. They’ve been super responsive to our needs

Fyan Wuotilla

Director of IT Allstate Peterbilt

How Zayo Plans to Lead the Industry in Service Delivery

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Wireless Infrastructure Product Overview

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Private Networks

Zayo’s Private Networks power secure operations

Zayo understands the challenge and offers private fiber networks, a managed, customized product that offers dedicated fiber, dedicated hardware, and a dedicated Zayo team to keep your users, applications, and data as protected as possible without the complexity of a self-owned network.

Dark Fiber

Configure your infrastructure to perform

Leveraging our 16 million fiber mile network, Zayo’s Dark Fiber services provide the network foundation for the largest and most innovative companies in the world.


Meet growing bandwidth demand with Wavelengths

With Zayo’s Wavelengths, you get high-speed, dedicated, and secure connectivity with low and predictable latency to meet growing bandwidth demands for mission-critical applications.

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