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DDoS attacks. Just a matter of time.

With 380% more DDoS attacks from Q1 to Q2, all industries are targets. Read about DDoS trends and what you can do about them in Zayo's DDoS Insights Report.

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In-Line, Network-Based DDoS Protection

If your organization has ever suffered through a Distributed Denial-of-Service attack, we know your pain — a disruptive DDoS attack can break your ability to serve your customers. As a Tier-1 Internet provider, we’re committed to protecting our customers from the threat of disruption and downtime from a DDoS attack. Our in-line, network-based DDoS Protection capability gives you a new way to protect every Zayo IP address from attack with a single subscription. We deliver:

DDoS defense that isn’t dependent on appliances and doesn’t require specialized skills.

Exceptional speed of response and capacity to defend against the largest attacks.

Instant-on, always-on protection that’s actively monitored by our Security Operations Center.

Running any business on the Internet without DDoS protection is a risk, and you have to ask yourself if it's one worth taking. Anna Claibourne SVP of Packet and Product Software Engineering
  • 3 Gbps
    average DDoS attack size in 1H 2023
  • 216 %
    longer DDoS attacks from Q1 to Q2 2023
  • 200000
    dollar recovery cost per DDoS attack

Defend Against Downtime and Disruption

Whether you’re leading technology initiatives for a mid-sized organization or managing cybersecurity for an enterprise, many organizations like yours have learned that our DDoS Protection can save them from service disruption, security risks, and the costs of mitigating an attack. Our approach gives you:

Powerful Performance

Some DDoS Protection technologies don’t have enterprise-class performance or require manual intervention, but Zayo’s product is different. It’s automated and defends your organization at the peering edge with millisecond response time and massive capacity. We can protect against multi-terabyte simultaneous attacks.

Ready Resilience

We offer faster, more complete, single IP-level DDoS redirection that’s always-on, instant-on, and can be activated by our Customer Security Operations Center in moments. We combine Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Flowspec and deep packet inspection (DPI) to save your business from disruption and disaster, cutting network downtime from days to a few seconds.

Exceptional Value

We’re a single subscription for your IP addresses, we require no appliances and no specialized skills. We support multiple carriers and our standard pricing is less expensive than our competition. The average cost of a DDoS attack to businesses is $30,000 every hour. Zayo offers a variety of DDoS subscriptions between Standard, Advanced, and Multi-Carrier to meet your protection requirements.

Instead of going down for an hour, we may see the network drop for three seconds, which is much more manageable for the teachers and principals than the hour we were dealing with. Billy Russell Technology Director at North Judson-San Pierre Schools

High-performance Ethernet for enterprise sites

With guaranteed bandwidth performance from Zayo Ethernet, your enterprise sites can stay connected with no congestion.

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IP Transit

High-bandwidth, low-latency IP Transit

Zayo’s IP Transit provides low-latency, high-quality connectivity to deliver optimal performance, so your end users have the experience they demand.

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Dedicated Internet Access that’s always high speed

The size and scale of Zayo’s owned network, combined with the unique and proactive way we manage it, means ensuring your direct high-speed connectivity remains high speed.

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Private, configurable networks with WAN services

Zayo WAN Services allow you to customize a reliable, secure communications network across multiple sites to handle diverse traffic types. That means you get a fully managed, flexible solution that lowers your cost and reduces the need for internal resources.

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CloudLink connects you directly to the cloud (no data center required)

With CloudLink, your enterprise can have the security, performance, and cost savings of a private connection to the cloud — with or without the cost of space and power in a data center.

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Don’t let DDoS Attacks Lead to a Double-dip Crisis

DDoS mitigation is part of Zayo’s focus on an expanded portfolio of cyber security offerings in addition to an already proven IP infrastructure. Only a continually evolving cyber security plan can protect an enterprise from these recurring threats. As the attacks become more sophisticated and unpredictable, Zayo is committed to staying a step ahead.

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Mitigate risk with Zayo DDoS Protection

Leverage the strength of Zayo’s Tier 1 network and our DDoS mitigation to proactively protect your business.

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