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Fiber & Transport

The foundation for network infrastructure

The largest and most innovative companies know that their business outcomes are tied directly to the strength, security, and speed of their network infrastructure. That’s why so many of them rely on Zayo’s enterprise Fiber and Transport Services.

Configure your infrastructure to perform

Leveraging our 16 million fiber mile network, Zayo’s Dark Fiber services provide the network foundation for the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

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  • The control you need

    With Zayo Dark Fiber, you maintain full control over your network, so you can scale bandwidth while maintaining the highest levels of security for your enterprise.

  • Fiber investments for the future

    For the past decade, we’ve been a leader in upgrading, hardening, and expanding our network so that our customers have improved latency, uptime, and reach.

  • Strategic planning, best-in-class support

    Zayo delivers strategic services for architecture and planning, as well as important tactical support such as network monitoring, committed mean time to recovery, and uptime SLAs.

Meet growing bandwidth demand with Wavelengths

With Zayo’s Wavelengths, you get high-speed, dedicated, and secure connectivity with low and predictable latency to meet growing bandwidth demands for mission-critical applications.

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  • Direct, predictable bandwidth

    Transport bandwidth-intensive data and applications between key sites in essential markets with the fastest, most direct, and predictable long-haul and metro network connections.

  • Network configuration flexibility

    Using Zayo’s deep and diverse network, you can build a custom network with redundancy, or latency specific configurations to meet your specific routing requirements.

  • Zayo makes it simple

    Zayo provides easy and transparent access to your precise route information through our customer portal, and we own and manage the equipment along the network so you don’t have to.

Choose performance, simplicity, and security

Zayo’s Private Networks power secure operations

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  • Network performance

    Zayo’s distributed colocation services include sites within and between key markets and rural areas across the country, so you can improve latency and capacity where you need it.

  • Simplicity and security

    Fiber and equipment provisioned for a single customer — no shared resources.

Mobilize your wireless connectivity

Zayo’s mobile infrastructure services extend what you do

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  • Move forward with a dedicated partner

    Dedicated sales, engineering, and support teams to help you move forward faster

  • Small cell infill deployment for improved signal strength

    Ntwork and small cell products that meet the expansion and service quality demands of leading mobile service providers

The network underneath it all

The network underneath it all

Zayo is the largest independent network provider in North America, with dense, high-capacity metro fiber connecting the world’s critical data centers in the most important markets in the US, Canada and Europe — linked via extensive high-count long-haul dark fiber. Zayo’s multiple routing options in the metro and between metros adds diversity for maximum uptime and protection, giving our customers — among the largest and most innovative companies in the world — the infrastructure foundation for what’s next.


See where Zayo’s network can take you

Is your infrastructure built for success?

Find out how Zayo's Fiber and Transport Services can meet the network and bandwidth needs of your enterprise.

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