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In a digital world, our financial services customers find network solutions to modern-day problems.

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The financial industry is in a state of transformation. Institutions are racing to meet rising customer expectations for digital experiences on demand, improve business processes through the incorporation of automation and artificial intelligence, and integrate disruptive technologies such as blockchain, all while managing the evolving threat landscape to protect sensitive information. 

Zayo can help you meet the challenges of digital transformation with our Tier 1 internet backbone, providing secure, low latency connectivity to global centers of commerce, as well as key financial and internet exchanges. Our pre-lit services enable rapid deployment and latency or bandwidth upgrades, allowing your organization to scale digitally wherever your business needs to be.

The speed you need to compete

With Zayo’s vast, reliable network we can support the low latency needs that the financial sector wins and loses on. Zayo operates the most direct and lowest latency routes between key US financial institutions and trading exchanges, while continuing to stay on the forefront of the industry through implementations of ultra-low latency and hollow-core fiber routes.

Usher in the age of big data

Zayo’s high bandwidth network ensures your data collection and processing needs are met to fully leverage big data and artificial intelligence in your business. With global access to more than 1,400 on-net data centers and more than 380 cloud on-ramps, you can be sure of a seamless cloud and edge computing experience.

Secure from start to finish

In a highly targeted industry, you can rely on Zayo’s extensive security product suite, featuring DDoS Protection, Encryption, Firewall, SASE, and Private Network services, to secure all attack surfaces and protect your network data from end-to-end.

You are fully connected. Why is it so hard to connect all the dots?

With multi-site offices, bank branches, and ATM networks, today’s financial services institutions have more distributed endpoints than ever. Learn how Zayo Managed Edge helps you juggle it all.

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Low latency and secure connectivity for financial services

Zayo understands the unique needs of the financial sector, and we have the network and solutions to meet them.

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