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Whether you’re a global trading firm striving to stay ahead in processing market data or a regional bank dedicated to delivering a tailored customer experience, a robust network foundation is essential to meet evolving connectivity requirements and growing bandwidth demands.

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Experience a Competitive Edge

Maximize your advantage with our global low latency network, offering high-capacity bandwidth on the fastest and most direct routes between key financial institutions and trading exchanges.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

We use AIops and automation to smartly monitor and manage your network, making network management efficient, cost-effective, and secure. Uniquely with zInsights, our digital network observability portal, you can easily gain valuable insights such as handling unexpected events like trading spikes, and better plan for future capacity needs.

Enhance Business Resiliency & Security

Ensure uninterrupted network functionality with 100% diversity and 99.999% uptime. Our comprehensive network security solutions include RPKI route validation on all BGP sessions, DDoS Protection, firewall, and private connectivity to public clouds. The end result: transactional and customer data is always protected.

Capacity & Speed Where You Need It

Zayo’s modern network is uniquely designed to give financial institutions like yours a competitive edge. Our network offers secure, high-capacity, direct ultra-low-latency (ULL) routes connecting key financial hubs globally. Backed by our 24/7 dedicated NOC and implementation team, we guarantee unwavering support. Whether you are looking for fiber, waves, or IP, we offer diverse options tailored to meet your bandwidth needs.

Connecting Financial Markets

Zayo’s strategically placed fiber backbone connects critical financial markets globally. Zayo’s fiber backbone connects over 400 markets across North America, Europe, and South America with 17.3M fiber miles.

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Zayo’s at the top of our list when it comes to connectivity and fiber in the ground to all the major markets that our clients need. Everybody else would be a distant second to Zayo on that infrastructure. Wes Swenson CEO, Novva

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Zayo provides the infrastructure you need to connect to global commerce centers, key financial exchanges, and liquidity venues globally while expanding and diversifying your core networks with increased capabilities at the edge.

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Complete Portfolio for Finance

Performant, reliable network for finance

Fiber & Transport

Our high-performing, reliable fiber and transport backbone connects major financial hubs around the world with ultra low latency routes by Zayo – the fastest, most reliable dark fiber and wavelength connectivity available.

Carrier-grade network connectivity for finance

Network Connectivity

Leverage high capacity bandwidth on the most direct and lowest latency routes built for the most demanding financial sector requirements, whether you’re processing data in the Cloud, or protecting your institution from DDoS attacks.

Secure network from edge to core to cloud

Edge & Security

We securely connect offices, branches, and ATM networks to enhance application performance and resiliency. Zayo’s Managed Edge solutions improve security, enhance operational efficiency, and control costs. You benefit from a highly distributed, secure edge-to-core-to-cloud network.

Connect with your customers, suppliers, and staff

Voice & Collaboration

With Zayo’s end-to-end managed cloud voice and collaboration services, your business can increase productivity, reduce costs, support your workers, decrease cumbersome phone maintenance, and ensure a seamless path to future growth.

  • 25
    of the top 30 Global Banks
  • 70 %
    of the Top U.S. Financial Services Firms
  • 9
    of the top 10 Asset Managers in North America
  • 10
    Top Global Trading Firms

Insurance Company Leverages Zayo’s SD-WAN Expertise to Connect a Dispersed Workforce

A large financial insurance company used Zayo’s SD-WAN solution to connect their dispersed workforce.

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