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Inflect Strengthens their Technology Solutions with Zayo Partner Network


The Zayo Partner Network is a diverse network of master agents and sub-agents that design, market, and sell Zayo solutions across the globe.

One of these key channel partners is Inflect. Inflect works with more than 80 global network providers in two capacities: as a white-glove broker for their services and as a system of record for their built infrastructure. Inflect maintains a detailed database of its providers’ network assets and connections. They offer this searchable database to customers to help them find partners that can meet their connectivity needs. Inflect’s SVP of Strategy, Tim Hoffman, describes Inflect’s vision: “to become a marketplace where customers can easily find and buy the right telecommunications solutions.”

Inflect: Solutions at Scale

Inflect aims to provide a holistic telecoms solution for technology purchasers by offering access to data center, network, peering, and cloud services. The key to being able to do this on a large scale? “Automation,” according to Hoffman. “Many providers still don’t offer automated research and quoting to potential customers or partners. Having to manually research solutions slows down transactions — which hurts both buyers and sellers. We want to make infrastructure transactions more seamless for everyone.”

At the center of automation at Inflect is a powerful comparative research tool: their internally maintained global infrastructure database. It has everything one needs to find the right connections and the right providers: names and locations of thousands of data centers along with connecting networks, routes, available bandwidth, colocation peering and cloud connect options, and on-net commercial buildings. Through their web-based tools, anyone can trace routes across the globe and submit quote requests with detailed specifications for data center space or network access from a large number of partner providers simultaneously.

As a leader in this space, Inflect has a few unique advantages. “We have access to data and self service options that people won’t find anywhere else,” Hoffman says. He’s proud of the team of sales agents they’ve built. “Our team deals with folks who have complex needs that they understand better than anyone,” Most Inflect agents have previously worked in infrastructure acquisition or purchasing themselves, so they are uniquely positioned to understand these needs and offer help. “It’s atypical to have pedigrees like the ones our sales agents have. We keep a small team and provide them with awesome support. In return, we expect them to offer our customers expert, white-glove service.”

Zayo + Inflect: an ideal pair

When asked why Inflect chooses Zayo, Hoffman cites the ease of doing business with Zayo and the completeness of product offerings. “We offer our customers comparisons of services across the industry. Simply, Zayo has what people need.” Hoffman says this is especially stark when showing buyers what they are getting with the big-name provider they’re currently using: “Zayo has a really competitive product set. And when you look at the combination of cost, delivery time, ease of use as compared to legacy telecom providers, Zayo comes out with some really big wins. You’re just going to get a better experience with Zayo.”

Zayo’s powerful API also gives Inflect another important advantage. In addition to enabling easy collection of infrastructural information for their database, Hoffmain explains that “API-integrated partners allow us to provide full self-service research, quoting and quote acceptance all without talking to a human.”

“Inflect’s team and expertise are the perfect compliment for Zayo to serve our mutual customers. The combination of technology, intelligence and teamwork make for a customer experience we are both proud of. We see continued growth with Inflect for Zayo and are thrilled to be a critical element in the solutions they deliver,” says Lynn D. Tinney, Senior Vice President of Global Channel, Zayo.

“The combination of technology, intelligence and teamwork make for a customer experience we are both proud of.”

Hoffman also appreciates Zayo’s nimble organizational structure: “Zayo gives us the best of both worlds. The company is big enough that they can do things that make a meaningful impact for our customers, but they’re not top-heavy or cumbersome. You don’t have to weave your way through a four-week, bureaucratic process to get a custom solution for a customer. Even the wackiest requests get customers in touch with product people within a few days.”

Ultimately, Hoffman trusts that his team’s experiences and, more importantly, his customers’ experiences will be positive when choosing Zayo’s services. “It’s a winning combination,” he concludes, “good product, good people, and good processes.”