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As manufacturers navigate advancing technologies and a declining workforce, having automation and AI integrated into your factory floor production is critical. Monitoring and maintaining your IoT devices to support this can come with more complex connectivity needs, and Zayo has the manufacturing network to support you.

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Stable ground for smart production

Manufacturing is experiencing a digital transformation with robotics and the massive data it generates being increasingly woven into a complex production process. These systems have the potential to deliver incredible operational efficiencies, yet a fully connected production and supply chain can’t happen without the network — and security — to support it.

Zayo has the fiber backbone and full suite of network solutions to support the complex connectivity needs of your smart factory. We can get you to the edge and manage your edge-to-anywhere strategy, lowering costs and ensuring security along the way with our manufacturing technology.

Automation anywhere and everywhere

As production becomes more technological, you need the network to support it. Spread the bandwidth across your production grid, warehouses and office spaces. Our SD-WAN, Ethernet and Wavelength services help you save money, increase efficiency and meet the labor gap.

Smart at the edge

Access applications and real time data for your IoT production devices. Our turnkey 5G and small cell deployments, enabled by SD-WAN and SASE, ensures you remain connected to make your factory floor more efficient.

Manage exposure from more connected devices

The more devices you have connected, the more susceptible you are to costly security breaches in your network. Zayo’s DDoS Protection service helps prevent attacks before they impact your business. Zayo’s IP VPN can connect your entire manufacturing ecosystem, but logically separates traffic where you need to, providing you with the inherent security of a private connection.

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Don’t let DDoS Attacks Lead to a Double-dip Crisis

DDoS mitigation is part of Zayo’s focus on an expanded portfolio of cyber security offerings in addition to an already proven IP infrastructure. Only a continually evolving cyber security plan can protect an enterprise from these recurring threats. As the attacks become more sophisticated and unpredictable, Zayo is committed to staying a step ahead.

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Boost production with network intelligence

With minimal investment, Zayo will guide you to an optimized network, connecting sensors, remote monitoring devices, and IoT, preparing you for what’s next.

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