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Step into the future of manufacturing with our fiber, network connectivity, and managed services. Optimize your production efficiency by leveraging Zayo’s network for rapid integration of AI, IoT, and automation technologies. Industry 4.0? We got you.

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Powering Smarter Operations: Seamless Connectivity, Unleashed Productivity 

Manufacturing, transformed by robotics and data, demands an always-on reliable network and security to integrate production and supply chains.

Zayo delivers a robust fiber network and solutions for your smart factory’s connectivity. We streamline your edge-to-anywhere strategy, cutting costs and enhancing security with our advanced technology.

Automation anywhere and everywhere

As production technology advances, ensure your network keeps pace. Distribute bandwidth across your manufacturing grid—production sites, warehouses, and offices. Our product portfolio reduces costs, boosts efficiency, and addresses labor shortages.

Smart at the edge

Securely access the Cloud, your applications, and run real-time data for your IoT devices. Our SD-WAN and Edge solutions ensure continuous connectivity, enhancing the efficiency of your factory floor.

Fortify Your Network Defenses

More devices, more risks. Ensure uninterrupted network functionality with diverse options and 99.999% uptime. Our DDoS Protection and SASE security solutions safeguard your operations and data.


Fiber to the Factory 

For both physical factories and digital factories (data centers), the data onslaught generated by IoT, robotics, AI, and ML has true profit-impacting potential in the factory and data center environments.…

Ready for the future of manufacturing?

Discover how Zayo can streamline your production connections for seamless operations.

Fiber & Transport

The network foundation for Manufacturing

Our high performing and reliable Fiber & Transport backbone helps you transfer critical data to processing centers faster. We offer bandwidth up to 400G on a secure, low latency, and scalable network.

Network Connectivity

Carrier-grade packet performance for Manufacturing

We provide carrier-grade, high-performance bandwidth tailored for the manufacturing sector. Whether you’re connecting multiple production facilities, accessing the Internet, interfacing with clients, managing data in the Cloud, or safeguarding your operations from DDoS attacks, we offer a suite of network connectivity solutions designed for factories, warehouses, and headquarters.

Voice & Collaboration

Voice & Collaboration solutions that connect every employee

With Zayo’s end-to-end managed cloud voice & collaboration services, you can increase productivity, reduce costs, support your workers, decrease cumbersome phone maintenance, and ensure a seamless path to future growth.

Edge & Security

Managed Edge & Security for Manufacturing

We offer Edge & Security solutions tailored for the manufacturing sector to enhance security and operational efficiencies across all facilities. Our services are designed to interconnect and automate interactions within your production network, supporting the growing demands of a connected manufacturing ecosystem.

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