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It’s time to rethink your network

Picture a world where your network is not a limitation – but a catalyst. From fiber and transport to network connectivity and managed services, we design and build solutions with your business goals as our guide.

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Future-proof your network

Outdated networks and antiquated technologies are a competitive disadvantage. We’re disruptors of the outdated. Our modern network spans core to cloud to edge, setting you up to innovate today – and tomorrow. ​​

Simplify your network

Too many tools, too many alerts, too many vendors – too much complexity. Zayo makes networks easier. Find better solutions with fewer tools, fewer vendors, and more automation.

Enhance your network 

Put your network to work. We deliver powerful international network services and insights that expose and solve performance problems, enhance security measures, and reduce cost.

Together, we can think differently 

We bring collaboration, agility, and creativity to your network, leveraging expertise from decades of experience serving the world’s most innovative companies.

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A network where you need it. Bandwidth when you need it.

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Dark Fiber

Zayo’s expansive, diverse, and high-speed dark fiber routing to power your future

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Mobile Infrastructure

Network plus small cell products that meet the demands of leading mobile service providers.

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Private Networks

A managed, customized product offering dedicated fiber, dedicated hardware – and a dedicated team.

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Massive network capacity and multi-terabit bandwidth for reduced latency and operational resilience.

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Reliable connectivity, streamlined cloud integration, and comprehensive protection – all from a single vendor.


Enhancing your cloud experience with connections to every major cloud provider – without ever crossing the public Internet.

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DDoS Protection

In-line, network-based protection safeguarding against DDoS attacks and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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Dedicated Internet Access

Secure, fast, and cost-efficient connectivity built for mid-sized to enterprise organizations.

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Consistent, high bandwidth connectivity for your most critical locations.

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IP Transit

Scalable, settlement free connectivity, underpinned by our resilient 16M mile fiber Tier-1 IP backbone.

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Unify connectivity across all your locations, data centers, and the cloud – with a single vendor.

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Your business objectives – fully managed by our team of experts.


Edge-to-anywhere managed service that enhances your insights and unlocks new service quality.

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SASE & Security

A customizable and fully-managed way to protect your organization in a world of remote users, multi-cloud connections, and dozens of vendors.

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Revolutionize the way you communicate.

SIP Trunking

A fast, flexible, and future-ready way to communicate.

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Unified Communications

Unify your business phone, messaging, and collaboration with a simple, managed solution.

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Committed to Your Success

As the demand for bandwidth and seamless customer experiences grow, we’re here to help you stay ahead. Focus on what’s next for your business; we’ll do the rest. Welcome to the future of fiber and network connectivity solutions. Welcome to Zayo.

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A futuristic image of a farmer monitoring a tractor in a field, with glowing digital farming network overlaid

Middle Mile Digital Equity Access Network (DEAN) Overview

Efforts to bridge digital infrastructure gaps, especially in rural communities, are often stalled by a lack of available backhaul and the high cost of building last-mile networks. Zayo’s DEAN architecture…
High speed wifi internet connection with Wi-Fi symbols over residential homes in american suburban neighborhood. Graphic. Aerial shot

Zayo’s Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Alliance (zBIDA)

zBIDA empowers broadband providers to secure government funding, leverage Zayo’s expertise and network, and deliver reliable and affordable Internet access to unserved and underserved communities.
Sustainable Urban Transit: Eco-Friendly Train in Modern City Landscape, Green Transportation Solution, Modern City Commuting, Environmental-Focused Rail System

From Legacy to Leading Edge: How To Budget for Government IT Transformation

Don't let your legacy network hold you back. This blog by Jason Taylor, VP of Public Sector Sales at Zayo, walks you through how to budget for IT modernization projects…

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