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Highly Consistent, High Bandwidth Connectivity

If you are looking for highly consistent, high bandwidth connectivity for your critical locations then you couldn’t have come to a better place. You will make fiber cuts a problem of the past with Zayo’s high performance MPLS supported Ethernet products that deliver:

Up to 40G of Ethernet over Zayo’s self healing core to provide the superior performance and intelligent routing you need.

Creative customizable solutions that allow you to add features, bundle products and more.

A congestion-free network backbone that handles large amounts of traffic for predictable and consistent performance.

Ethernet that Unlocks Business Success

Zayo is your partner to extend the reach of your network. Zayo’s diverse and intelligently designed infrastructure offers a number of unique routes and can help you solve challenging requirements for scale and geographic reach. Every day, carriers and enterprises alike benefit from our competitive flexibility. With Zayo Ethernet, you’ll have:

Powerful Performance

While some Ethernet providers are limited to 10G or 30G, we’re able to provide up to 40G of MPLS supported Ethernet across the country across our low-latency fiber network. For even more bandwidth we support 100G dedicated Ethernet solutions. With Zayo you will have committed throughput to the network edge, supported by hundreds of Ethernet edge routers utilizing our fiber backbone.

Streamlined Control

Zayo provides simplified order and service management through our customer portal, making it easy to quote, view, and update your services in one centralized location. Our dynamic commercial structure, powered by our digital marketplace, provides creative and customizable solutions and route transparency. You’re able to choose your terms, bandwidth, level of diversity, and Class of Service (CoS), we do the rest.

Optimized Value

Zayo’s Ethernet offers a rich feature set, competitive pricing, and industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With Zayo Ethernet, customers unlock new ways to optimize the operational costs of their network while improving service and support.

Zayo has a really competitive product set. And when you look at the combination of cost, delivery time, ease of use as compared to legacy telecom providers, Zayo comes out with some really big wins. You’re just going to get a better experience with Zayo.

Tim Hoffman

SVP of Strategy, Inflect

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Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access that’s always high speed

The size and scale of Zayo’s owned network, combined with the unique and proactive way we manage it, means ensuring your direct high-speed connectivity remains high speed.

IP Transit

High-bandwidth, low-latency IP Transit

Zayo’s IP Transit provides low-latency, high-quality connectivity to deliver optimal performance, so your end users have the experience they demand.


Private, configurable networks with WAN services

Zayo WAN Services allow you to customize a reliable, secure communications network across multiple sites to handle diverse traffic types. That means you get a fully managed, flexible solution that lowers your cost and reduces the need for internal resources.


CloudLink connects you directly to the cloud (no data center required)

With CloudLink, your enterprise can have the security, performance, and cost savings of a private connection to the cloud — with or without the cost of space and power in a data center.

DDoS Protection

Stop DDoS attacks before they stop your business

Ensure that your enterprise stays safe amid the growing DDoS threat landscape with Zayo’s DDoS Protection. Zayo’s network-based solution proactively identifies DDoS attacks with accuracy and mitigates them before they impact your business.

Need high-performance Ethernet services?

Find out how Zayo’s unique routes and diverse network assets can deliver high-performance bandwidth for your enterprise locations.