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Media & Entertainment

Zayo helps shape your customers’ experience by ensuring that your content has the reach to be accessed on-demand and in real-time with our reliable network and extensive bandwidth.

Connectivity designed for content

Media and entertainment is undergoing a content transformation as the sector strives to usher in new customer experiences. Whether you’re broadcasting a game, providing online gaming services, or delivering streaming content, companies are only as good as their end-user experience. And the end-user experience is only as good as the reach and capacity of your network. Don’t let downtime or latency hold you back.

Zayo provides media and entertainment companies with a reliable, low-latency network leveraging our global metro and long-haul fiber backbone. With 400G wavelength and 100G IP connectivity, you can customize your solutions and have a provider that will grow with your demand. And with access to more than 1,500 on-net data centers and more than 370 cloud on-ramps, Zayo’s gets you closer to the edge — and the eyeballs you care about.

Bandwidth for days

Our 400G Wavelengths and 100G IP Transit connections allow you to explore or broaden investments in 4k+, AR/VR and other bandwidth-intensive technologies. Take advantage of Zayo’s fiber footprint and Private Networks to expand your reach and capacity as you grow into your digital transformation.

Never miss a moment

The show goes on, and so should your network. Provide the best possible experience for your customers with low latency and minimal downtime. Our deeply redundant network offers dependable routing to make sure your assets get to their destination.

Extend your reach

Meet your customers where they are. Zayo’s edge network delivers high-speed, quality bandwidth from one of the world’s largest Tier-1 networks connecting broadcasters directly to their consumers, keeping viewers engaged and live production flowing.

Zayo powers collegiate athletics on and off the field

Offering the best product to fans of the best conference in the nation requires a high level of innovation behind the scenes, and that’s why Zayo partnered with the Pac-12 to bring connectivity to the Conference of Champions.

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The Pac-12 runs 850 live events in a season and that’s a lot of content. Zayo provides us almost 90% of our connectivity to each of our campuses – so all of this content traverses Zayo’s network, back to our San Francisco headquarters, and then into our viewers’ home. Howard Chung Director, Campus and Events Infrastructure, Pac-12

Deliver exceptional end user experiences with Zayo

Zayo provides low-latency, reliable connectivity between you, your content, and your consumer.

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The Pac-12 announced that Zayo has been added as an official partner of the Conference and its three flagship championship events, the Pac-12 Football Championship Game, presented by 76®, and the Pac-12 Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments, presented by New York Life.

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The 2022 Pac-12 Women’s and Men’s Basketball Tournaments Powered by Zayo

In just 12 days, Zayo installed a Wavelength solution from the T-Mobile Arena and/or Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas to the Pac-12 Network headquarters 500 miles away in San Francisco, creating a seamless broadcast and streaming experience for viewers.

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