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Zayo’s Diverse Dark Fiber to Power Your Future

How would your network operations change if you could choose a single vendor for long-haul and metro fiber connectivity? With Zayo, you can. Zayo’s dark fiber network, a flagship product, serves the needs of the most demanding organizations with 47,800 on-net buildings, 1,500 on-net DCs, 28,500 on-net enterprise buildings, dozens of unique routes, accelerated expansion and enhancement, and up-to-date functionality that other providers cannot match. As dark fiber service providers, we can give you:

A network that’s right for you, connecting cities, states, and continents.

Hyper-secure, unlimited bandwidth connectivity with mission-critical uptime.

Best-in-class collaboration for network planning, deployment, support, and service.

Rethink Connectivity for Business Transformation

Whether you’re leading network operations for a carrier, a hyperscaler, a global bank or an enterprise, Zayo will help you connect what you do with a market-leading metro fiber network that’s ready for you. Our Dark Fiber service offers:

Future-proofed Connectivity 

With provisioned dark fiber you can light as needed, you’ll have a simple and powerful way to add bandwidth whenever and wherever you need to grow — letting you power new initiatives, new sites, and new growth opportunities. Zayo is accelerating our expansion, we’re adding dozens of new long-haul and metro connections every year to meet customer demand across 400 global markets.

Mission-critical Reliability

Our newer metro fiber network helps you sidestep problems with physical infrastructure degradation that could afflict your connectivity. We invest hundreds of millions of dollars a year to provide the resilience you deserve. We deliver 99.999% uptime across metro-level and long-haul networks alike.

Expansive and Diverse Routes

As one of the only dark fiber providers with dense and deep fiber counts for both metro-level and long-haul requirements alike, we offer unique scope and scale to support the most demanding organizations. We offer 16 million miles of fiber routing and 15 unique long haul routes.

Zayo’s future-ready, reliable dark fiber network with route diversity is an essential component in our network design to deliver best-in-class, scalable, and reliable IP services that our customers have come to expect from Cogent. We look forward to leveraging Zayo’s dark fiber footprint to grow our network in the future.

Dave Schaeffer

CEO of Cogent Communications

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Private Networks

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