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Innovation runs on Zayo fiber

Dark Fiber

With more than 16 million miles of fiber, Zayo’s network was purpose-built for leading organizations that demand unlimited bandwidth, complete service control, and total reliability. Zayo’s dense, diverse, global fiber footprint provides the capacity, performance, and scalability you need to customize and manage your own network — today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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Control you need to transform and scale

For the largest enterprises and most innovative companies — and anyone who wants to compete with them — the single biggest IT infrastructure advantage you have is your network. Zayo Dark Fiber gives you full control over your network, allowing you to scale bandwidth while maintaining the highest levels of security to meet the needs of your enterprise.

Complete network control

With Zayo Dark Fiber, you manage your own optical systems riding dedicated dark fiber, which delivers the highest levels of network security, visibility and scalability. You’re in control of your bandwidth growth, while we monitor and manage the fiber.

Leading network infrastructure

Zayo is the leading developer of fiber infrastructure, having built more fiber capacity over the last decade than anyone in the industry. All while upgrading and hardening our network with the latest fiber technologies to reduce signal degradation and improve latency and uptime. Our fiber is where you need to be.

Service excellence

Zayo is your strategic partner for routing architecture, planning, and deployment. We deliver best-in-class service support to stay up and running, whether it’s network monitoring to pinpoint where a fiber cut has occurred, or repair and uptime guarantees.

  • 16 M+
    Fiber miles across the network
  • 44000 +
    On-net buildings connected with fiber
  • 1400
    Connected data centers
  • 15 +
    Unique long-haul routes

A Guide to Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is the backbone that underpins today’s greatest technology innovations. Here are Zayo’s 5 things to know about dark fiber.

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Zayo has fiber where you want to go

Zayo has fiber wherever you want to go

Zayo is the largest independent network provider in North America, with dense, high-capacity metro fiber connecting the world’s critical data centers in the most important markets in the US, Canada and Europe —  linked via extensive high-count long-haul dark fiber. Zayo’s multiple routing options in the metro and between metros add diversity for maximum uptime and protection, giving our customers — among the largest and most innovative companies in the world — the infrastructure foundation for what’s next.

See where Zayo’s network can take you

Features & Benefits

Dark Fiber offers the highest levels of security, scalability, and customer control. 

  • Superior and predictable performance: Dark Fiber is provisioned over defined and fixed fiber routes for consistent performance.
  • Performance guarantees: Zayo’s Dark Fiber performance standards are based on stringent customer loss budget requirements, backed by our SLAs.
  • Flexible configuration choices: Zayo can connect two locations with a point-to-point dark fiber offering, or multiple locations in a hub-and-spoke or ringed network configuration.
  • Room to grow: Since you provide your own equipment, bandwidth growth is in your full control. Dark Fiber offers virtually unlimited bandwidth.
  • Security: Dedicated point-to-point fiber over a defined physical path is transparent to higher-level protocols and provides the ultimate security control over your data assets.
  • Protection against outage: Zayo’s 16 million miles of fiber can offer diverse fiber routing, often over fiber routes unique to Zayo.
  • Geographic breadth: Zayo offers Dark Fiber throughout our fiber network — within each metro market and on the long haul routes connecting them.
  • Distributed Colocation: We offer space and power across the country connected to our fiber – perfect for low-latency compute, storage, and networking closer to your end users.

Grow your fiber footprint with Zayo

Talk to our dark fiber team to see exact routes and start engineering your solution today.

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