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Customer Success Profile: Marie Raikes

Raikes and her team under Bryan Fleming have re-engineered the service delivery workflow by product group. Now service delivery experts can move through orders quicker, more accurately, and more cleanly. 

You Didn’t Sign Up for This

We know the industry is changing. Carrier mergers can have a number of harmful impacts on customers. Zayo can meet you where you are and help you switch to a more reliable network without changing your technology.

Taking your WAN to new exciting places… at your pace

The dizzying pace of technological and cultural transformation is challenging networks to keep up. The good news is that you don’t need to do it all at once. Your WAN, with a solid, seamless, step-by-step upgrade plan, will handle your new business environment brilliantly.

Healthcare & Federal Government Agencies’ Challenges for 2023

Jason joins Zayo from Verizon’s Federal civilian organization. He talks about the challenges that organizations face and how a great network and an elevated communication system can help to navigate these challenges.

Webinar: Connecting the Enterprise

Service providers are consolidating and shifting focus from traditional networking to modern solutions. Now’s a good time to get to know Zayo. We’ll make sure your network’s evolution matches your business plans.

How Zayo Plans to Lead the Industry in Service Delivery

Bryan Fleming, Zayo’s SVP of Service Delivery and Mobile Infrastructure Engineering, has lofty aspirations for the company: He aims to position Zayo as the industry leader in service delivery by the end of 2023. 

Celebrating Women’s History Month at Zayo

March is Women’s History Month, and Zayo is celebrating by highlighting a handful of our amazing female colleagues and leaders. Read on for their stories.

Exclusive Offer: Ethernet + UCaaS

Save money and reduce the headache of managing multiple vendors with Zayo’s dedicated end-to-end Ethernet connectivity and effortless cloud-based communications. Download the infographic to learn more. 

IoT and Networking Solutions Give Manufacturers an Edge

Industrial IoT or IIoT is the application of IoT in manufacturing or industrial environments. More specifically, it’s the use of connected sensors or devices adopted in manufacturing settings.

MAX UC Overview

Every business deserves top-notch communication features and best-in-class customer service. Zayo’s Max UC delivers an industry-leading phone system at an affordable price.

Bridgepointe uses Zayo’s network to support Bay Area innovators

Bridgepointe is a tech advisory and lifecycle management firm and is a part of Zayo’s Channel Partner Network. They help design, market, and sell Zayo solutions across the globe.

Is Lack of Network Intelligence Holding You Back?

Download our whitepaper to discover why network intelligence unlocks new opportunities for digital transformation. 

Zayo’s WAN Capabilities

Zayo WAN capabilities allow you to control the speed, performance, scale, and security of a private network – without the cost of do-it-yourself design and operations. Download our Infographic to learn more. 

3 Opportunities for the Telecommunications Industry in 2023

Zayo CEO Steve Smith joined telecommunications leaders for a panel at Metro Connect 2023 about the challenges ahead this year. In this blog, we look at 3 opportunities these challenges present.

Inflect Solving Customer Needs with Zayo Infrastructure Solutions

Inflect and Zayo share a common urgency for solving customer needs and a passion for building solutions that make a positive impact. Learn more about our partnership with this video.

Zayo Enables Top Quality Programming for Pac-12 Network

For Pac-12 networks, providing great live media is all about uptime. Watch to discover why Pac-12 Network has worked with Zayo for over ten years.