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Making the Grade: Modernize Your Network

US federal agencies are undergoing IT modernization that includes increasing data flow and visibility, improving cyber security, and creating IT agility. IT modernization means network modernization. This guide outlines how agencies can ready their networks for each IT improvement.

Step-by-Step: An ISP’s Guide to Middle Mile Partnership

This step-by-step guide walks you through a middle-mile connectivity project with Zayo from start to finish.

Students in Pinal County Get Equitable Broadband Access with Zayo

Find out how the Pinal County school district leverages Zayo networking solutions to create an equitable learning environment at home and in the classroom.

Zayo Helps Global IT Services Leader Save Money and Gain New Revenue Streams

An IT service provider used Zayo to move away from costly, risky legacy network offerings to save money and introduce new revenue streams.

Navigating Uncharted Waters: The Inspiring Odyssey of a Trailblazing Female CIO

Zayo Chief Information Officer Ginna Raahauge shares her inspirational journey to her role today plus other insights and advice for women in tech.

Checklist: Modernize Your School’s Network Infrastructure

Is your school’s network infrastructure smart? Use this checklist to find out.

Types of DDoS Attacks and How to Prevent Them

This blog dives into the 3 types of DDoS attacks and how to protect yourself against them.

The S.M.A.R.T. Approach to Modernizing Your School District’s Infrastructure

School districts today face challenges related to aging infrastructure, cyberattacks, and staffing shortages. This whitepaper provides five SMART strategies to meet operational and academic goals while addressing key challenges.

Dedicated Bandwidth in 24 hours with Waves On Demand

Zayo’s innovative Waves On Demand is a set of long-haul wavelengths available for delivery in 24 hours or less! Enable quick wavelength turn-up in our most in-demand routes through Tranzact, our order and delivery platform with enhanced user experience.

Retailers: Implementing SD-WAN: DIY vs. Managed Services

In the process of scaling your business, the necessity for a network that caters to growing demands and effectively manages higher data traffic becomes paramount. SD-WAN stands as the solution to fulfill the needs of your expanding retail enterprise. 

CSPs & SaaS Providers – a Favorite Target for DDoS Attackers

In the first half of 2023, DDoS attackers hit the industry with particular brute force – with 300% more attacks in Q2 than in Q1. You can stay a step ahead, and protect your data, your staff, and your reputation.

Finance is Under DDoS Attack

In just the first half of 2023, the Finance industry saw massive increases in DDoS attack numbers. Secure your company’s data, customer interactions, and reputation by protecting against these destructive attacks.

A DDoS Attack Snapshot

Take a quick look at the latest DDoS attack data – who’s being attacked most frequently, most forcefully, and most persistently, across industries. Also – how is this exponential Q1 to Q2 attack increase even possible?

The Truth and Trends of DDoS Attacks

We protect thousands of companies from DDoS attacks. Read about our findings and, most importantly, how to protect yourself, in Zayo’s DDoS Insights Report.

Empowering Rural Educators and Improving Healthcare Access With Middle Mile Connectivity

Zayo recently received NTIA grant funding to build middle-mile infrastructure in an effort to close the digital divide. This blog explores the implications of closing the digital divide on rural education, healthcare, and businesses.

Zayo Fosters a Modern Fan Experience for Century Old Soccer Stadium

A 10G fiber circuit from Zayo enables the nation’s oldest soccer-specific stadium to level up the fan experience.