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Adding network engineering expertise and end-to-end management from edge to core to cloud.

With Zayo’s portfolio of Managed Edge solutions and services we take a customer-first approach to expertly designing, deploying, monitoring, and managing network solutions from edge to anywhere. We add value to our connectivity services starting with SD-WAN and providing options for SASE, edge networking devices, and Tier-1 network connectivity. Zayo creates a complete and secure solution with best-in-class vendors and AI-driven network insights, so you always have end-to-end network observability.

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Transforming your WAN experience

Zayo’s SD-WAN goes beyond standard SD-WAN technology. All SD-WANs facilitate resilient site connectivity and provide application aware routing, ensuring mission-critical applications stay working. At Zayo we understand that true WAN transformation goes all the way from the LAN to the Cloud. We also know that implementing this is hard and time-consuming which is why we use automation and AI to deploy complex solutions at scale. And Zayo continues supporting you with holistic end-to-end management.

  • True end-to-end management

    SD-WAN services go beyond the SD-WAN appliance to manage edge routers, switches, Wireless LANs, 4G/5G modems, and more. We provide edge-to-anywhere service configuration, including multi-cloud services.

  • White glove install and proactive fixes

    SD-WAN uses a highly automated deployment process that enables us to deploy quickly at scale without human configuration errors. Our NOC leverages an AIOPs platform that takes multiple data feeds from the network equipment and automatically initiates remediation efforts. Most fixes occur before end users notice any problems.

  • Best blended network

    Zayo’s global low-latency, high-speed, secure fiber infrastructure provides best-in-class Internet, MPLS and Cloud connectivity. Our network can be complemented with our ecosystem of fixed and wireless partners, or you can bring your own network. And with SD-WAN, Zayo monitors and manages it all.

Holistic edge security solution

Identity-based security is critical to keeping your network safe from cyber threats. Zayo’s SASE services protect your business with a scalable solution covering threats from the Internet, Cloud, and partner networks.

  • Customized solutions

    Zayo’s SASE can be designed with managed security devices at your sites or at the edge of your Zayo managed network.

  • Manage security while you manage change

    Zayo’s SASE manages and mitigates the security threats that come with an Internet-enabled enterprise.

  • Industry-leading vendors

    We support multiple SASE vendors — ranging from scaled firewall suppliers to SASE, to next-gen Zero Trust capabilities.

At the end of the day, our goal as a Managed Service provider is to take all your network devices, regardless of who the vendors are, and give you a seamless transition from a traditional WAN environment, to a more secure, unified, SASE environment. We make it as seamless as possible, bring the best expertise to the table, and help you through your journey so you can focus on the things that grow your business and enable your business.

Edward Loveless

Director of Product, Zayo

zInsights Interactive Demo

As part of our Edge Networking Solutions portfolio, zInsights provides a comprehensive, single-pane-of-observability of your network’s Edge and all of its components. Now you can have visibility and control of network health and performance on demand.
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