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Resilient connections, better agility

Zayo’s Wavelengths offer fast, tailored, scalable lit fiber

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Fast, Tailored, and Scalable Wavelengths

Do you need network infrastructure improvements to meet critical objectives and make your business better? If so, Zayo offers massive network capacity and leading-edge, multi-terabit bandwidth, reduces your overall latency, and improves your operational resilience with our expansive, diverse Wavelength capability that supports 10G-400G connections. Organizations who want optimal connectivity choose Zayo because we offer:

One of the most expansive networks in the world, with unique metro and long-haul routes.

Extensive experience with custom wavelength solutions, including diverse, encrypted, and redundant configurations.

A “Waves-On-Demand” service that gives customers automated control over their bandwidth.

Support Your Business With Better Wavelengths

What could you fix and improve with better connectivity? Organizations from hyperscalers and carriers to Fortune 500 companies and large corporations already choose Zayo Wavelengths for our distinctive mix of features, scale, and value, which will give you:

The Fastest Connections

Zayo has a powerful track record of delivering performance. With game-changing multi-terabit bandwidth to fit your distinctive requirements and ultra-low latency routes that support the most demanding applications, Zayo’s performance is second to none. We’re adding 70+ 400G routes in 2023 and hold the world record for the longest 800G waves circuit.

Unparalleled Customization

Our support for multiple management options, ultra-low latency routes, a wider range of bandwidth offerings, secured connectivity and commercial flexibility, we’re able to give you a tailored solution that fits your distinctive needs, now and in the future. More than half of Fortune 100 companies choose Zayo for transport networking.

The Greatest Efficiency

Organizations love Zayo’s approach to greater efficiency. We offer self-service route visibility to accelerate network management, don’t require you to use a separate network for encrypted routes, and provide market intelligent pricing for optimal value. Our Waves On Demand offering is an industry-first and lets you automatically turn on bandwidth in hours instead of weeks.

Zayo’s at the top of our list when it comes to connectivity and fiber in the ground to all the major markets that our clients need. Everybody else would be a distant second to Zayo on that infrastructure. Wes Swanson CEO, Novva

Waves On Demand

Unlock Dedicated Bandwidth in 24 hours (or less) with Waves On Demand — Your Solution for Immediate Wavelength Access and True Scalability.

Automated 24-hour Turn-Up

Shorten delivery times from months to hours on our most in-demand tier-one routes with Waves On Demand – a 24-hour Wavelength turn-up service!

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Improve Network Efficiency

Quote and order 100G or 400G wavelengths through our fully managed self-service, automated order platform.

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North America & Europe’s 400G Connectivity

400G brings 4x the capacity of the industry standard wavelength. Our fully enabled 400G network in Europe expands global connectivity for all.

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Waves On Demand by Zayo

Automated, 24-hour delivery on Zayo’s most popular wavelength routes.

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Dedicated Bandwidth in 24 hours with Waves On Demand

Zayo’s innovative Waves On Demand is a set of long-haul wavelengths available for delivery in 24 hours or less! Enable quick wavelength turn-up in our most in-demand routes through Tranzact, our order and delivery platform with enhanced user experience.

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Wavelengths Overview

Zayo’s expansive fiber network is the foundation for our Wavelengths, with connectivity to over 600 Global Points of Presence (PoPs) and 1,400 on-net data centers, we provide transport service directly from your North American and European locations.

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Subsea Route Overview

Securing fast, reliable and high-capacity subsea connectivity is crucial to capturing global opportunity. Zayo’s fully diverse subsea network connectivity and PoP design provides the diverse, high-availability, and low latency solutions needed to compete in worldwide markets

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Point. Click. Connect.

A Wave On Demand requires vendor investment, and Zayo is pleased to be able to streamline the process.

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Secure your data transport with Zayo

Talk to our wavelength team to see exact routes and start engineering for what’s next, today.

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