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Wavelengths for mission-critical connectivity


The demands of bandwidth intensive applications are growing — fast — driving the need for high-availability, low-latency connectivity. With Zayo Wavelengths, you get the highest level of speed, security, and flexibility required to grow and innovate.

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Predictable, reliable, flexible

With dedicated bandwidth on Zayo’s owned and operated fiber backbone, you benefit from predictably reliable low-latency wavelength connectivity. Zayo’s Wavelength services are fully managed — no need to invest in hardware — and flexible, with multiple configuration options, including standard point-to-point, diverse and protected.


Fast, direct, scalable bandwidth

With Wavelengths, you can transport bandwidth-intensive data and applications between key sites in essential markets with the fastest, most direct and scalable long-haul and metro network connections. You can also easily add more bandwidth on a dedicated circuit with Zayo’s full range of Wavelengths offerings, up to 400G and 800G in select areas.


Network where you need it

Wavelengths enable you to build a custom network including diverse and redundant configurations, commercial flexibility and protection options. And you can choose your fiber routing: Zayo’s expansive metro and long haul fiber network offers multiple low-latency Wavelength configurations to meet your specific routing requirements.

Transparency and support

Zayo’s full range of Wavelengths are designed for enterprise ease. Through our customer portal, you can view the exact routing of your solution and easily get market-optimized pricing. Zayo absorbs the burden of owning, operating, and upgrading equipment along fiber routes, and we provide 24/7/365 support from our Network Operations Centers (NOC).

  • 137000 +
    Route miles of fiber
  • 60 +
    400G long haul routes between key markets
  • 400 +
    Markets served globally
  • 30
    Subsea routes to 13 countries

Zayo Helps DISH Connect What’s Next: 5G Network Unlike Any Before

Zayo is proud to provide DISH with connectivity infrastructure that helps power America’s First Smart Network.

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Subsea Wavelengths: Speed that spans the globe

Zayo’s powerful subsea network reaches all corners of the globe, instantly connecting cities around the world, faster and more securely. With more than 30 subsea routes, 245,672 total subsea route kilometers, Zayo’s Subsea Wavelength offering delivers consistently low latency transport to the world’s most important hubs. This subsea access combined with Zayo’s robust terrestrial Wavelengths network helps securely scale your business end-to-end — worldwide.

Zayo’s new, owned ZEUS route to be completed mid 2022 is the most direct, diverse and secure connection between mainland Europe and London. You can substantially upgrade your connectivity between the two regions with massive, high-performing Wavelength bandwidth.

Strong partnerships for better performance

Zayo utilizes top peering relationships and strong partnerships to provide a cable agnostic investment approach. This means that you can design and build a dynamic network, wherever you need it to be. The result: optimal performance for your global business.

End-to-end solution

Zayo’s Subsea Wavelengths connect 13 countries without a single point of failure, and our reach expands beyond core cable landing stations, which means you have high-capacity and business continuity from end to end.

Built on Zayo’s fiber backbone

Zayo Network

Built on Zayo’s fiber backbone

Zayo’s Wavelengths network is built on our owned and operated fiber backbone. Zayo’s global fiber network is unmatched, and always expanding, ensuring the consistent transport of bandwidth-intensive data and applications between essential markets with the fastest, most direct, and predictable long-haul and metro network connections.

See where Zayo’s network can take you

Features & Benefits

Wavelengths are ideal for customers who require very high bandwidth optical transport to support business-critical domestic and international solutions and applications.

  • Multiple management choices: Zayo offers Unprotected Wavelengths (a point-to-point unprotected circuit), Diverse Wavelengths (two Unprotected Wavelengths with physically diverse routing), and Protected Wavelengths (Diverse Wavelengths where Zayo provides the optical protection switching).
  • Superior, predictable Wavelength performance: Zayo’s Wavelength services use our own fiber network as the foundation. Wavelengths are high availability services that support full line-rate transmission provisioned over defined fiber routes for consistent latency and low jitter.
  • Room to grow: Customers can choose bandwidth options from 10Gbps to 400Gbps and higher.
  • Security: Dedicated point-to-point service over a defined physical and logical path is transparent to higher-level protocols and provides security control over data assets.
  • Protection against outage: Zayo’s 16 million miles of fiber can offer diverse fiber routing, often over fiber routes unique to Zayo.
  • Compliance: Protocols supported include Ethernet, Optical Transport Network (OTN), Storage Area Network (SAN), Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET), Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH), Video, and others.

Secure your data transport with Zayo

Talk to our wavelength team to see exact routes and start engineering for what’s next, today.

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Wavelengths Overview

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