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Digital Equity

The Internet is an Essential Need

In today’s world, internet connectivity is not just a luxury – it’s essential for success and prosperity. Yet, universal access to the internet remains an unfulfilled promise in the United States.

At Zayo, we believe that building broadband networks is critical, but simply laying the infrastructure isn’t enough. That’s why we go beyond the basics to ensure true digital equity. We are proud to be the only middle-mile provider capable of offering nearly unlimited bandwidth to last-mile providers – at an affordable price.

Our mission is clear: to connect what’s next for everyone. By bridging the gap between availability and affordability, Zayo is committed to making high-speed internet a reality for all communities, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital age.

Reliable, Affordable Internet Connectivity for All Communities

Zayo’s innovative Digital Equity Access Network (DEAN) brings metro pricing to rural areas, offering flexible connectivity for last-mile ISPs and local communities.

DEAN enhances affordability and reliability by expanding access points and lowering interconnection costs. This enables ISPs to provide superior, affordable last-mile networks, ensuring that even the most remote locations have access to high-quality broadband service.

Simplified Funding for Broadband Expansion

Securing funding from government programs like the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program (BEAD) can be challenging. That’s why Zayo created the Zayo Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Alliance (zBIDA).

We partner with ISPs to navigate logistical, regulatory, and financial hurdles, supporting them from planning and financing to deploying middle-mile and last-mile fiber networks. With zBIDA, expanding your broadband infrastructure has never been easier.

Empowering Communities with Government Grants

At Zayo, we’re dedicated to helping communities thrive by securing essential government funding. Our track record speaks for itself: we’ve successfully secured $92.9 million in NTIA grants for network infrastructure across eight states.

As the sole national provider awarded in the latest NTIA grants, we’re proud to be at the forefront of expanding connectivity. With our ongoing deployment of over 12,000 miles of new fiber across more than 350 counties, we’re actively bridging connectivity gaps and transforming digital landscapes.

Educating Users for the Digital Age 

As part of our commitment to digital equity, Zayo recognizes the importance of educating new internet users with digital literacy skills. Our digital literacy program aims to create a comprehensive curriculum that equips inexperienced internet users with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently navigate the internet.

From understanding the basics of getting online to recognizing the potential and risks involved, our goal is to ensure that all individuals have the tools and knowledge to thrive in the digital age.

The pricing has to make sense for the local service provider business model or we fail collectively. That’s why this new model that Zayo has embraced is super exciting. To enable connectivity in some of these rural and remote communities is astounding.

Joe Franell

Blue Mountain Networks

Join us in our mission to bring the promise of universal internet access to life. 

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