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Vehicles, transit, airlines, and logistics are moving — fast. Zayo gives you the network and innovative wireless solutions to keep up.

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Drive innovation in transportation

From the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles to supply chain management via IoT, a range of innovations are disrupting the transportation industry, and all of them rely on more real-time data and network connections.

Transportation is becoming increasingly connected — whether that’s running the navigation systems of an autonomous vehicle or enhancing the driving experience with data and content. And trucking/logistics is more Internet-enabled as well: IoT sensors, robotics, vehicle maintenance monitors, and beyond.

Zayo works with some of the largest ground and air transportation companies on the planet to deliver innovative wireless solutions, combined with high bandwidth fiber and transport connectivity and SD-WAN deployments.

Meet growing latency & security demands

The massive volumes of data passing to and from connected vehicles — particularly AVs and Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that rely on real-time data to stay safe and location-aware — will demand high-bandwidth connectivity, everywhere.

High capacity bandwidth for smart city infrastructure

Emerging “smart city” ecosystems — with intelligent sensors, video traffic, and safety monitoring, data offload for AVs — will require a 5G infrastructure, which will rely on a resilient high capacity fiber backbone to transmit data from edge-to-edge and edge-to-core. Zayo’s network is built to support what smart cities need.

Ushering in Industry 4.0 — The Industrial Internet of Things

Building the network for the future of transportation will require the range of solutions that Zayo provides: fiber and wavelengths to transport data between sites, SD-WAN for application-aware network intelligence, private and secure access to the cloud from anywhere, and a fiber backbone anywhere you need to travel.

Moving the future of transportation

Find out how Zayo’s network and solutions can be customized to meet the needs of your transportation enterprise as it transforms.

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