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In a world of threats, sleep well at night

Zayo's secured edge keeps your entire business safe

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Security to support transformation

In a world of threats, what capabilities do you need to improve your security profile, defending from emerging, unknown risks and threats? Zayo understands the challenge. Our SASE managed service offers an up-to-date approach to protect your organization in a world of remote users, multi-cloud connections, and dozens of vendors. With managed, customized, distinctive solutions, Zayo will give you:

Features including ZTNA, Firewall as-a-Service, and CASB.

A team of security experts, expert engineers, and consultants to protect what you do.

A fully deployed, fully managed service for faster issue discovery, friction-free resolution, and accelerated impact.

Secure It All — Network, Cloud, Apps and Users

Every month, Zayo defends organizations of all sizes — including school systems, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and media companies — from data breaches, ransomware, downtime, and disaster by securing their core networks, their edge, and their cloud. With our robust portfolio of security technologies, coupled with our experts, you will be able to:

Simplify Your Security

We will understand your security profile, current assets, and priorities, and then devise an easily deployed, easily managed solution that doesn’t put a heavy load on your administrators. We will give you a secure-first framework, company-wide security functionality, and deeper insights into non-compliant traffic. With an NPS score of 62, you can believe in the value of what we do.

Add Technical Flexibility

Zayo gives you a better path toward securing each remote and in-office worker, ensure cloud usage and data transfer compliance, and cut your network complexity without adding rigidity or forcing you to choose a one-size-fits-all approach. We have many premium SASE partners and a host of distinctive technologies to bring to bear on your distinctive needs.

Mitigate Your Problems

As issues emerge, you don’t have to handle them alone . Our Network Operations Center, coupled with our team of security experts and technology engineers, monitors and manages your complete solution for faster fault resolution. Our AIOps capabilities deliver deep insights for a superior end-user experience.

We wanted to align with a market-leading platform delivered by a partner that brings a lot of expertise, has done large implementations, and is really going to treat us like one of their top customers. Dennis Baker Vice President, IT Technical Operations and Architecture, Kindercare

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Need security that can scale and change with you?

Zayo's SASE services are flexible edge security solutions for a changing digital world.

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