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Security to support transformation


As traffic leaves and enters your organization, whether it’s data flowing to and from partners, employee access while they’re working remotely, or applications running in the cloud, you have to protect your systems without slowing down the pace of business. Today’s political and economic climate means that the threats have never been greater. And Zayo’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services protect your business with scalable solutions covering attacks from the Internet, Cloud, and partner networks.

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Edge security for evolving businesses

Zayo’s SASE services provide a holistic edge security solution to protect your data and systems by authenticating users, devices, and traffic as they enter and leave your private network, site, or data center. The result? Your business processes run smoothly, and your confidential data and systems remain protected in an ever-changing environment at even your smallest sites and remote workers.

Protection and simplicity

When deployed between networks (e.g. a WAN and the Cloud or a WAN and the Internet), we eliminate your costs and simplify management by aggregating all traffic through one resilient control point.

Best of breed providers

We support multiple SASE vendors, ranging from scaled firewall suppliers to SASE, to next-gen Zero Trust capabilities. Our SASE security suite can be applied to DIA, IP Transit, WANs, CloudLink, SD-WAN, and managed Private Networks. We have pre-installed firewalls and secure gateways at our network edges to implement security faster on your virtual network.

Security to enable digital transformation

As you advance your digital transformation plans and your business evolves, changes occur such as moving more systems to the cloud or supporting an agile workforce. Zayo’s SASE service manages and mitigates the security threats that come with a more Internet-enabled enterprise.

Need security that can scale and change with you?

Zayo's SASE services are flexible edge security solutions for a changing digital world.

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