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IP Traffic on a Single Leading-Edge Network

Imagine the benefits you’d uncover by consolidating all your IP traffic onto a single leading-edge network with settlement free access to the global Internet. With Zayo, you can go from imagination to reality. Zayo provides scalable bandwidth options underpinned by efficient, low latency routing and sensible security, with competitive IP transit pricing structures. Our proven, industry-leading IP Transit service leverages our resilient 17M mile fiber IP backbone and dense metro fiber networks. With Zayo as your IP transit service provider, you will have:

Superior insight and control because Zayo owns the underlying fiber network.

Newly added hyperscale-class security features and functionality.

Easy access, with rapid service engagements that accelerate time to value.

Looking for IP Transit in a specific location?

Zayo is on-net at 1,500 data centers across 350+ PoPs. Check availability by location with our online tool today.

Rely on a Market Leader

By choosing a Tier-1 and Top-10 CAIDA ranked network provider, wholesale carriers and large organizations solve intractable problems while improving network performance. Our IP Transit offers:

Expansive Scale

Since Zayo owns the underlying fiber infrastructure, we’re able to add the peering capabilities and Points of Presence (PoPs) you’ll need to scale your network — and your business. Zayo has more than 350 global PoPs, more than 30Tb of peering capacity, and we’re adding a terabyte of added capacity each quarter.

Deeper Security

Zayo is committed to keeping every IP connection safe to improve your overall security profile. We recently added Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) routing origin authentication and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to improve our customers’ security profile.

Insight and Control

Our industry-leading BGP Community systems provide unparalleled sophistication and adaptability, empowering you with comprehensive route insights and full authority over advertisements based on neighbor ASN, continent, region, or city. You’ll have more observability and control than others can deliver.

The communication level was spectacular -- I've never experienced anything like that. They came in cost-wise as well, but to be honest it was the service side of it that I was like 'wow.'

Justine Haymer

Manager Information Technology, The Globe and Mail
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High-performance Ethernet for enterprise sites

With guaranteed bandwidth performance from Zayo Ethernet, your enterprise sites can stay connected with no congestion.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access that’s always high speed

The size and scale of Zayo’s owned network, combined with the unique and proactive way we manage it, means ensuring your direct high-speed connectivity remains high speed.


Private, configurable networks with WAN services

Zayo WAN Services allow you to customize a reliable, secure communications network across multiple sites to handle diverse traffic types. That means you get a fully managed, flexible solution that lowers your cost and reduces the need for internal resources.


CloudLink connects you directly to the cloud (no data center required)

With CloudLink, your enterprise can have the security, performance, and cost savings of a private connection to the cloud — with or without the cost of space and power in a data center.

DDoS Protection

Stop DDoS attacks before they stop your business

Ensure that your enterprise stays safe amid the growing DDoS threat landscape with Zayo’s DDoS Protection. Zayo’s network-based solution proactively identifies DDoS attacks with accuracy and mitigates them before they impact your business.

Deliver better end-user experience with Zayo

Only low latency, high-bandwidth Internet can provide the strongest experience for your end user — Zayo’s IP transit service can deliver the high quality direct connectivity you need.