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Continuing our commitment to expansion and growth, Zayo has recently made significant investments in our expansive fiber network and connectivity offerings. We aim to be the one-stop connectivity partner as bandwidth needs increase and our customers require connectivity in new locations with faster turnaround times. 

This quarter, we’re introducing: 

  • Nine 400G-enabled Wavelength routes
  • Expansive network connectivity in Mexico
  • Waves On Demand capability on two additional routes
  • 11 new IP PoPs 
  • Four new 400G IP PoPs

Here’s what Zayo’s latest infrastructure offerings enable our customers to do: 

Tap Into a Resilient Network, Available Where You Need It 

With nine new 400G-enabled Wavelength routes introduced this quarter, Zayo’s network is well on its way to becoming 100% 400G-enabled by the end of 2024. Around 90% of our North American network is now 400G-enabled, providing the capacity enterprises need to take on new technologies and support burgeoning bandwidth requirements. 

The latest 400G-enabled Zayo Wavelength routes include: 

  • Los Angeles to San Jose: This route, unique to Zayo, ensures diverse routing between the Bay Area and Los Angeles with high capacity, low latency, data center-to-data center connectivity and extends into other key locations like Salt Lake City, Portland, Dallas, and Phoenix. 
  • Chicago to St. Louis: This route completes a critical path between key markets expanding across the U.S. through Memphis to New Orleans. This is also the most direct route between Chicago and St. Louis providing low latency. Zayo also has diversity between these key markets routing through Indianapolis. 
  • Reno to Barstow: This route completes a critical low-latency path between these two markets primarily servicing carriers, government agencies, middle-mile infrastructure for rural connectivity, and area enterprises with high bandwidth needs. 
  • Columbus to Pittsburg: A low latency path between these markets provides faster and more direct access and triversity capabilities. Built with SMF-28 fiber and 100% underground, this route is more reliable than other, older fiber in the region. 
  • Quebec City to Montreal: This route connects key data centers in Montreal, the second-largest data center hub in Canada and one of the fastest-growing in North America, with extended reach to Quebec City. Zayo is currently the only major U.S. fiber provider offering 400G connectivity into Quebec City through Montreal with multiple routing options across the border into the U.S.

We’ve also expanded 400G capacity on four routes connecting key cities including Richmond, Cleveland, and Chicago. We continue to focus not only on network connections into major metro areas but in secondary markets, as well, where we project connectivity needs to grow. 

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In addition, we’ve recently announced the immediate availability of tier 2 connectivity in Mexico. This news comes in advance of our 400G fiber route, being built in partnership with Fermaca, which will connect from Ciudad Juárez to Querétaro and Guadalajara through key central Mexican cities along the way. The completion of this route will make Zayo the first North American fiber provider to connect Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. This route will also be the first long-haul fiber route built by a North American provider in Mexico in 20 years, providing significant improvements to network uptime, security, speed, and bandwidth. 

Fast, Guaranteed Delivery in Key Locations

In 2023, we unveiled our Waves On Demand offering, which enables customers to turn up 100G Wavelength capacity on nine key routes in 24 hours or less. Today, we continue to service 24-hour wavelength capacity in more key markets across North America. 

We’re now offering Waves On Demand capabilities on two more high-demand existing routes: Atlanta to Miami and Seattle to San Jose. Our Atlanta to Miami route links into our unique route connecting from Dallas to Atlanta and our Seattle to San Jose route completes Waves On Demand capability from Seattle to Los Angeles. With the completion of both of these routes, we’re able to offer Waves On Demand from Seattle to Miami. 

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Today, no other network providers offer pre-provisioned network capacity in the same way Zayo does. Waves On Demand enables customers to dramatically shorten service delivery timelines from weeks to hours. You may not require a 24-hour turnaround for your Waves service today, but with the rapid growth in capacity needs thanks to high-bandwidth applications like AI, we’re preparing you for a future where you might. 

Connect to Top Data Centers, Easier Than Ever Before 

Last quarter, Zayo added 11 new North American IP points-of-presence (PoPs). These data center additions highlight our continued commitment to expanding and investing in our network to increase market density and service reliability. With the new PoPs, Zayo now has 375 global IP PoPs, 250 of which are in North America.

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We’ve also upgraded four existing IP PoPs to 400G in San Jose, Seattle, Phoenix, and Newark. These upgrades future-proof our network and optimize handoff options for customers with bandwidth-intensive applications. These four markets provide access to some of our richest peering ecosystems in North America, containing more than 7Tb in private peering capacity spread across around 75 private network interconnects (PNIs).

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