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by Aaron Werley, Vice President, Technology Zayo

100G, Ordered Today, Delivered Tomorrow. With Zayo, you can now have a Wavelength, on demand.

100G Waves on Demand

And when we say “on demand,” we mean it. A 100G long haul wavelength, connecting the most popular U.S. data centers, fully installed in hours.

Not months. Not weeks. Not days, but hours. And likely in minutes.

It’s time to change your expectations. Zayo is flipping the script. Amazon-ifying how bandwidth is purchased and consumed (if Amazon could deliver in an hour, that is). We’re taking steps to fully automate our network, and Waves On Demand is our latest step toward that end.

Imagine what you can do with 100G, tomorrow

You can plan.

The reliable delivery of wavelength services is a challenge industry wide.  It’s difficult to plan ahead when you’re not sure if you’ll be waiting 30, 60, or 90 days for a wavelength. Yet, you know you have a number of important events coming up, critical operations to support, and massive piles of data to transfer and analyze. Order your Wavelength on Demand today and know that you’ll have the capacity tomorrow to support whatever your business requires.

You don’t have to plan!

Procrastinators – we’ve got you.  Proactives – you know that the business, and your vendors, often throw you a curveball. Knowing that the bandwidth will be there, you can rest assured that even unplanned and difficult-to-forecast events will be supported. You now have the agility to adapt to dynamic business conditions, scale your operations, and meet your customer’s demands more efficiently.

You can improve CX.

Improving the customer experience requires flexibility, agility, and performance.  Zayo’s Waves on Demand solution helps you offer all three.  Quickly add capacity to your network to support sudden customer demand and know a well-performing wave will be there.  Waves on Demand leverage Zayo’s latest generation 400G capable optical network, providing the performance, capability, and capacity required by the largest networks across the globe. 

You can speed ahead of your competitors.

Time to market is everything. Expanding your service offering? Entering a new geography? A wavelength delivered in hours enables faster time to market for your products, giving you a massive head start in capturing new business, and a tangible competitive advantage.

You can increase your team’s productivity.

Timely delivery of 100G of capacity brings seamless connectivity, and that means that your employees have uninterrupted access to your company’s critical applications, cloud services, and data center functionality. It also means that your IT team isn’t spending time babysitting your vendor through an installation. It also means that your customers have uninterrupted access to you.

You have just-in-time backup.

Fiber cut on a single path? We can turn the backup capacity up in a couple of hours.

You have just-in-time scalability.

Retailers – we’re looking at you here. While we all know that the holiday season is a busy time, we can’t always predict when a viral video or global event will drive sudden demand to your business and subsequently to your network. Make an immediate network decision and meet the demand as soon as it shows. 

You can lower your blood pressure.

We all know what the ordering and installation process looked like for even a simple, on-net wavelength. The process was brutal – burdened by time (lots of time – up to months), inefficient touch-points with your vendor, manual signatures, the assignment of a project manager, an engineering technical validation of your order, lingering supply chain delays, and more.  

Why was the process so long? Because your vendors didn’t invest in you. A Wave On Demand requires vendor investment, and Zayo is pleased to be able to streamline the process.

You can even save money.

In two ways: First, fast wavelength delivery can help optimize your IT infrastructure and reduce costs. A wavelength delivered in a single day means that you no longer need expensive, unreliable interim capacity to bridge the gap of a long wait. Plus, when you need more bandwidth (and you know you will), higher-bandwidth wavelengths deliver a lower cost per bit than multiple lower bandwidth circuits.

How it Works

We researched your most demanded long haul routes, connecting the most popular data centers, and started there. Our phase 1 Waves On Demand service is available on these nine routes:

waves on demand routes feat img v2 1024x947 1

We made the investment.  Zayo engineered our networks with ample available capacity, on the most popular routes in  anticipation of customer demand, to ensure that when customers purchase the bandwidth, they’ll have it installed in a few hours.

We automated what was a manual ordering process. With this inventory of capacity available for installation, Tranzact, Zayo’s online customer portal, walks you through the ordering process. When you ask for a quote for a Wavelength between the data centers listed above, Tranzact will offer a Wave On Demand, and will guide you through the process.

We also automated the installation. Once ordered, Zayo’s Network Orchestrator creates the needed connections from endpoint to endpoint, making the bandwidth available for your use, usually within minutes (but in no longer than 24 hours). Tranzact provides your route diagram, test results, and of course an LOA/CFA (your circuit facilities assignment) almost immediately, so you can simply order cross connect and put your new wave into production.

Humans are great, but error-prone. We removed them (us!) completely from your Waves On Demand process. Because really, when was the last time you needed to speak with an customer service rep? When the digital experience just works, you don’t have to. Waves On Demand just works. (We’re still here if you need us though.)

What’s Next

Waves On Demand provides a simple solution: Point. Click. Connect. The inventory and automation work we’ve done to make it function is just the first step. Of course, the next step will be adding many new data center pairs to the list of available Waves On Demand.

But let’s look further. 

Cloud demand, 5G-driven applications, virtual, intelligent machines providing smarter customer service – all of our businesses are inundated with new and promising technologies that drive massive network implications. It’s becoming harder to forecast what your network needs to look like in order to support your growth.

Waves On Demand solves the immediate critical demand for bandwidth. But we’re far from done!  Within the world of Wavelengths, we’re working toward functionally routing wavelength traffic across the Zayo network everywhere, readying our network to enable the true promise of 5G, immersive technology, and hosted AI applications with mass bandwidth scalability.

But beyond the world of Wavelengths, Zayo is investing toward a wholly automated network, up and down the technology stack. Stay tuned for future announcements.

It’s time to change your expectations of your vendors. Zayo is proud to be at the forefront of this change.

About the Author

by Aaron Werley

Vice President, Technology Zayo