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A History of Connection

Our Story

Zayo’s journey has been guided by an aspirational vision for connectivity. Our founders were veterans of the companies that constructed the earliest backbone of the Internet. They understood that truly putting “the world” on the World Wide Web would require connections, lots of them.

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We are connectors

In 2007 they formed Zayo with a vision of accumulating, connecting and optimizing an unparalleled global network of networks. With 47 successful acquisitions to date, we not only know what to buy and where, we know how to connect and harmonize.

We connected the world

As a global internet backbone company, Zayo is the leading independent provider of light-speed data transmission infrastructure, with dense, high-quality networks connecting every major market in North America and many in Western Europe. Through partnerships with complementary network providers, we provide our customers with global reach that takes them nearly anywhere they need to be.

We connected the dots

We knew that data capture and processing technologies would evolve rapidly and demand for data transmission would multiply exponentially along with it. So we connected great people to create bespoke Zayo networking solutions for customers, extending their network reach as their businesses evolved.

We connect what's next

New technologies, more data, & changing consumer expectations mean an even greater reliance on the connections that we make possible. And we’re expanding all the time – providing new mission-critical routes for customers, more density, additional diversity and reduced latency. We’re laying the foundation for our 5G future, artificial intelligence, the metaverse and beyond.

The Zayo Story

A future-ready network where you need it.

Our expansive, deep, and diverse networks in North America and Europe include extensive metro connectivity, lit & dark fiber solutions, and expanding 400G & 800G-enabled routes that empower you to reliably leverage new technologies that demand low-latency, high-bandwidth, scalability, and control.

Trusted experts committed to your success.

Our team puts trust at the core of every relationship, combining an approach built on collaboration, agility, and creativity with decades of experience serving wireless and wireline carriers, media, tech, content, finance, healthcare and other large enterprises.

Connectivity solutions tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are designed to meet you where you want to be met. From last-mile or long-haul to the software-defined layer, we connect you from edge to edge, edge to cloud, cloud to edge, and everywhere in between with dark fiber, private data networks, SD-WAN, wavelengths, Ethernet, dedicated internet access, and data center connectivity solutions.


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Zayo by the Numbers

The most innovative companies rely on Zayo’s mission-critical bandwidth. Download the infographic to see our expansive network — by the numbers.

Zayo's History at a Glance

  1. Founded in Colorado

    A team of entrepreneurs, led by Dan Caruso, founded Zayo in Boulder, Colorado. First acquisitions include Memphis Networx, PPL Telcom, Indiana Fiber Works, VoicePipe and Onvoy Inc.

  2. Expanding across America

    From 2008-2011, Zayo completes 13 acquisitions to create a nationwide fiber network.

  3. International Network

    Acquires AboveNet, which expands Zayo’s network to 45 states and 7 countries in North America and Europe.

  4. Expanding in Europe

    Acquires Neo Telecoms and Geo Networks, increasing its footprint in the U.K. and France.

  5. 12 New Metro Networks

    Bolsters European footprint, including 12 new metro networks with acquisition of Viatel.

  6. The Only Pan-U.S./Canada fiber network

    Acquires Allstream and becomes the only Pan-U.S./Canada fiber network provider. Global network exceeds 100,000 route miles. Employee base tops 3,000.

  7. $2 billion in Revenue

    Acquires Electric Lightwave, which adds 12,000 miles of fiber to its network. Grows to $2 billion in annualized revenue.

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  8. Coast-to-Coast Fiber and 5G Growth

    Acquires Spread Networks, which enables coast-to-coast low latency fiber and wavelength routes. Creates 5G team, providing 5G solutions to mobile network operators and large enterprises.

  9. Acquired 

    Announces agreement to be acquired by a consortium led by Digital Colony and EQT for $35 per share in a cash transaction valued at $14.3 billion.

  10. World's Longest 800g  Optical Wavelength

    Acquires QOS Networks, the preeminent provider of SD-WAN and edge managed services. Zayo also makes history with the world’s longest 800G optical wavelength.

  11. The Future Awaits