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Transforming your WAN experience


Organizations undergoing rapid digital transformation need a managed network infrastructure that can flex with changing needs, connect all sites optimally to the cloud and ensure that mission-critical applications run effectively at all locations, even with traffic congestion. With Zayo’s SD-WAN, you experience worry-free business transformation with a secure, highly performant, fully managed solution for WAN Transformation and continuous migration to the cloud.

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A new secure infrastructure to aid cloud migration

SD-WAN technology facilitates resilient site connectivity and application aware routing, ensuring that your mission-critical applications stay working. At Zayo we understand that businesses need more, and that true WAN transformation goes all the way from the LAN to the Cloud. We also know that implementing this is hard and time-consuming which is why we use automation and AI to deploy complex solutions at scale, and then holistically manage those solutions end-to-end. Why settle for SD-WAN when you can have performance, reliability, security, and visibility with SD-WAN?

Managed edge

SD-WAN services go beyond the SD-WAN appliance to manage your edge routers, switches, wireless LANs, 4G/5G modems, and more. We configure, monitor, and manage your edge infrastructure and utilize the right access networks to achieve your business goals. Using AI-enhanced operations, we ensure a premium edge user experience.

Managed core

SD-WAN blends SD-WAN technology with Zayo’s high-performance global fiber network, allowing us to ensure that mission-critical traffic best benefits from the low latency, fast throughput, and security that our managed network offers. By leveraging core network visibility, our SD-WAN technology can ensure the best edge to Cloud experience.

Managed Cloud connectivity

Zayo’s global low-latency, high-speed, secure fiber infrastructure connects the managed core to your data centers and the Cloud. Our SD-WAN dynamically selects the best route to your compute destinations; managing resiliency and ensuring the best application performance using a blend of Zayo’s fiber network and our 370 geographically diverse CloudLink on-ramps.

You are fully connected. Why is it so hard to connect all the dots?

With multi-site offices, bank branches, and ATM networks, today’s financial services institutions have more distributed endpoints than ever. Learn how Zayo Managed Edge helps you juggle it all.

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  • 50000 +
  • Deployed in 51+
  • 60
    NPS average over 12 months

Features & Benefits

Zayo’s SD-WAN provides the complete package of network intelligence and automation, with plenty of flexibility to customize your SD-WAN solution.

  • A choice of network access: Choose Zayo access, Zayo sourced 3rd party wireline and wireless access, or your own procured access — all managed by Zayo.
  • A choice of hardware: Choose hardware from one or many vendors, covering SD-WAN, LTE/5G modems, Ethernet switches, and WiFi Access points, or supply your own. Either way, Zayo will manage the devices.
  • Fully managed or co-managed: You choose how you want your IT staff to participate.
  • Integrated Cloud connections: Zayo’s low latency Cloudlink service connects your many Cloud service providers and your private cloud.
  • Security: Zayo’s Managed SASE and Firewall services will protect your data, or we can integrate with and monitor traffic to a 3rd party SASE service of your choosing.
  • White glove design: Zayo will work with you to configure your network end-to-end, ensuring your company’s application and site performance requirements are met.
  • Lightning-fast installation: Zayo automates deployment to avoid human errors and ensures fast, scaled on-site installation.
  • Reduced downtime: AIOPs translate multiple data sources to perform automated root cause analysis with proactive fixes.
    Meaningful insights: Our customer portal provides real-time insight into your network, site, and application performance.
  • Ease of use: We can integrate directly into your network management system for ticket information, giving your end-users a superior fault resolution experience.

Let us transform your WAN experience

Zayo’s SD-WAN combines world-class network connectivity and best-in-breed edge devices into a fully managed solution, which we deploy quickly at scale and manage end-to-end.

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