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Secure, dedicated, and scalable private WAN solutions with E-LAN and IP VPN services from Zayo make a difference

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Build a Better Network with Unifying Connectivity

Could you build a better network by unifying connectivity across all your locations, data centers, and the cloud with a single vendor? Zayo private WANs offer multi-site connectivity with two scalable bandwidth service types: a Layer 3 IP VPN service which can be augmented with managed routers, and a Layer 2 Managed Ethernet network service, called E-LAN. We can give you:

High-bandwidth connectivity with performance SLAs.

A massive set of on-net buildings and connections to every major cloud.

QoS and CoS services that ensure traffic quality for voice and video.

Unified Networks that Streamline Your Initiatives

Whether you’re leading network operations for a regional bank or retailer, or looking to efficiencies of scale across hundreds of sites, Zayo will help you solve your challenges and unlock new possibilities with a network that’s fit for the future. Our private WANs offer:

Future-ready Performance

We offer competitive and better than competitive performance in many markets that unlock new possibilities for your service delivery, today and tomorrow. We offer up to 100Gbps connectivity, a capability others cannot match, with performance SLAs and CoS/QoS for voice and video.

Tailored Versatility

By mixing and matching capabilities and connections, we can create bespoke solutions for your distinctive, changing requirements. We can scale from a few sites to hundreds, we can mix and match E-LAN and IP VPN for different requirements, and we can fully manage your network or let you manage your own traffic. With over 41,000 on-net buildings, odds are good we can connect what you do.

Value-added Network

With a solution that’s more cost-effective/Gbps than most and the capacity to unify all forms of traffic onto a single network, we can eradicate high service costs along with the hidden costs of multi-vendor complexity. You’ll sidestep complex WAN design and will have the option of paying for bandwidth by site, or aggregating the bandwidth across multiple sites.

Zayo will be a key player in assisting us to develop a cutting-edge national network while staying ahead of the competition in speed and reliability.

Dan Terheggen

CEO of Smartaira

Taking your WAN to new exciting places… at your pace

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High-performance Ethernet for enterprise sites

With guaranteed bandwidth performance from Zayo Ethernet, your enterprise sites can stay connected with no congestion.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access that’s always high speed

The size and scale of Zayo’s owned network, combined with the unique and proactive way we manage it, means ensuring your direct high-speed connectivity remains high speed.

IP Transit

High-bandwidth, low-latency IP Transit

Zayo’s IP Transit provides low-latency, high-quality connectivity to deliver optimal performance, so your end users have the experience they demand.


CloudLink connects you directly to the cloud (no data center required)

With CloudLink, your enterprise can have the security, performance, and cost savings of a private connection to the cloud — with or without the cost of space and power in a data center.

DDoS Protection

Stop DDoS attacks before they stop your business

Ensure that your enterprise stays safe amid the growing DDoS threat landscape with Zayo’s DDoS Protection. Zayo’s network-based solution proactively identifies DDoS attacks with accuracy and mitigates them before they impact your business.

Flexible bandwidth to meet changing needs

Install a WAN that will support you through your growth. With 100Gbps ports, massive core bandwidth and superior service quality, we can work together to configure your WAN solution today.