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ESG Commitment

Building a Sustainable Future

Zayo is committed to sustainable business practices through our efforts across environmental impact, social responsibility, and effective corporate governance. Inherent in our mission is a deep ESG commitment to fully engage our employees in driving sustainable change and creating stronger communities, especially where we live and work.

2022 Sustainability Report
We are focused on Zayo's impact on the planet and our communities, reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our usage of green energy while fostering an internal environment that embraces diversity and inclusion. Mike Nold Leader of Zayo's ESG Steering Committee and SVP of Strategy, Corporate Development & Transformation

Our Commitment to the Planet

Zayo is committed to building environmental sustainability into all aspects of our business. We recognize the importance of implementing energy efficiency and renewable sources of power to create a more resilient grid. As we continue to develop our environmental strategy, we will identify Science Based Targets to reach our goal of Net Zero by 2030.

Our Commitment to People

Corporate social responsibility is central to who we are. Zayo is a force for positive change within the workplace and in our communities where we live and work. We value and promote diversity and inclusion both within Zayo and in our community. Zayo ensures transparency within the organization and with our suppliers of goods and services.

Our Commitment to Governance

Zayo is committed to acting responsibly and with integrity. This commitment is supported by our strong commitment to transparency and effective corporate governance.