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How Zayo Helps Employees Stay Mentally Healthy


More and more, employees want to work for companies that care about their mental health. In fact, four out of every five people surveyed by the American Psychological Association noted that an employer’s mental health support is a key consideration in their job search. And for good reason – according to a 2022 Workable survey, 92% of employees experience mental health challenges that affect their work. How employers respond to these challenges – and the resources they offer their employees – matters. 

In honor of May being mental health awareness month, we’re taking a look at the mental health benefits Zayo offers employees. Zayo cares about employees’ entire well-being, not just the work they produce – and our benefits reflect that. 

The Rising Need for Mental Health Support

The need for mental health services rose greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, anxiety and depression jumped 25% during the pandemic. This spike in mental illness was exacerbated by a gap in care as people were no longer able to attend in-person therapy sessions or group counseling due to social distancing restrictions. What’s more, people were socializing less across the board, leading to greater feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

“Mental health is inextricably intertwined with physical and financial well-being,” Melissa Zaino, Director of Global Benefits at Zayo shares, “By addressing mental health issues in the workplace and investing in mental healthcare for workers, employers can help their employees achieve greater productivity in their work and personal lives which in turn can lead to greater employee retention.”

Addressing the Need for Mental Wellness with Modern Health

Luckily, companies like Modern Health have stepped up to help fill in the gaps in in-person treatment, offering accessible, digital-first options for employers to offer. Modern Health is a mental wellness platform that uses evidence-based approaches to encourage mental health across a variety of support areas.

These areas include 

  • Emotional well-being. This includes support for things like anxiety, depression, grief, or substance abuse. 
  • Professional well-being. This includes support for things like burnout, career change, or diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). 
  • Relationships and communities. This includes support for things like relationship communication, parenting, and family relationships. 
  • Physical well-being. This includes support for things like sleep, exercise, and diet. 
  • Financial well-being. This includes support for things like financial hardships and goals. 

Zayo offers Modern Health to employees upon hire, allowing them instant access to one-on-one video and in-person sessions with therapists, financial well-being coaches, and support groups. 

“Modern Health supports the entire spectrum of need which can evolve over time, offering more care options and areas of support than other competing solutions,” says Ben Kwan, Client Success Manager at Modern Health, “We see, on average, 20% overall engagement across our customers, compared to 5% Employee Assistance Program utilization. Additionally, 80% of our members maintain or improve their overall well-being.”

Here’s how it works: Employees take a short quiz that asks them about their well-being and preferences for types of care, then Modern Health offers personalized recommendations. These recommendations include a combination of one-on-one, group, and self-service digital resources. 

Support Tailored to Each Employee’s Unique Needs

What’s more, employees have the option to choose from a diverse network of coaches and therapists. Modern Health searches for the best fit for employees’ preferences including race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or another characteristic. 

“A lack of prioritization on employee mental health can have implications on DEIB efforts. Historically marginalized groups are more likely to leave their jobs for their mental health,” Jay Bess, DEIB Senior Program Manager at Zayo explains,  “Also, the stigma surrounding mental health can disproportionately impact underrepresented groups who may be less likely to seek help.”

Modern Health also offers therapist-led racial trauma sessions called Healing Circles, further ensuring employees have access to care that is culturally responsive. 

Zayo’s Modern Health Offerings

Through Modern Health, Zayo employees get access to: 

  • Eight one-on-one sessions with a certified mental health professional or financial well-being coach for the employee and dependents
  • Eight one-on-one video or in-person sessions with a licensed clinical therapist for the employee and dependents
  • Unlimited support group sessions
  • Guided meditations on managing stress and building resilience 
  • Well-being assessments to check in on mental health over time
  • Access to a 24/7 counselor phone line for immediate support
  • Work-life services online or over the phone

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