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Private, flexible connection to the cloud


Zayo’s CloudLink provides enterprises with a private, direct, secure connection to the cloud from any location — not just data centers — with bandwidth speeds up to 100Gbps. The result: private cloud connectivity with comprehensive reach, reliability, and performance.

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Expand your private access to the cloud

With CloudLink, you can leverage all the benefits of a private connection to the cloud — security, performance, and cost savings — without having to invest in space and power in a data center (or grow your existing data center investment). Take advantage of Zayo’s network reach, scale, and flexible connectivity options by using CloudLink to expand your private cloud access.

The benefits of a private connection

Using Cloudlink as a private connection to the cloud yields benefits such as increased security, performance, and cost savings. By moving away from the public internet for cloud connectivity, you avoid threats of networking hijacking, network congestion, and expensive egress fees.

Reach, scale, and performance

Zayo owns our global network, including the first and last mile, with hundreds of on-ramps to the major cloud service providers. With CloudLink, we can provision directly and securely to the enterprise at almost any location, with highly available and physically diverse designs. We maintain extensive aggregated bandwidth and do not oversubscribe our network, so you get superior performance. 

Flexible connectivity

CloudLink provides direct private connectivity using Zayo’s carrier-grade Layer-1 (Wavelengths), Layer-2 (Ethernet), or Layer-3 (IP-VPN) Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) transport services between a location and private on-ramp location, bypassing the public Internet. Connect your enterprise locations to the Cloud with speeds up to 100Gbps.

Zayo Network

Zayo’s expansive fiber network is the backbone of our CloudLink solution. With over 380 on-ramps worldwide and first and last-mile connectivity, Zayo’s CloudLink can connect from any of your locations, not just major data centers.

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  • 100 Gbps
    Bandwidth capabilities
  • 400
    Markets served globally
  • 1400
    On-net data centers
  • 380 +
    Global cloud on-ramps

Features & Benefits

Zayo leads the pack of operators with Cloud connectivity solutions. Backed by our unmatched global fiber network, we provide high-performing bandwidth across from your critical sites to the cloud provider of your choice. Focus on your core business and leave the cloud connectivity to us.

  • Multiple technology choices: Connect via Ethernet, Wavelengths, IP VPN, or Dark Fiber.
  • Superior Cloud performance: Zayo’s CloudLink services use our own fiber network as the foundation. We proactively augment our network to virtually eliminate network congestion and ensure failover protection.
  • Room to grow: Customers can choose bandwidth options from 10Mb to 100G.
  • Direct cloud access from anywhere: Zayo provides “Last Mile” connectivity from the location of your choice — not just from a data center.
  • Multi-Cloud connections: Connect to more than one CSP from a single customer-facing port.
  • Security: Private, direct connections to your Cloud service provider bypass the public Internet.
  • Protection against outage: Zayo can offer diverse fiber routing, redundant equipment, dual power supplies, and even diverse technologies to protect your network against outages.
Technical Overview

Need a private connection to the cloud?

CloudLink provides direct private connection from any enterprise location into 50+ cloud service providers.

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