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Dropbox Scales Flexibly Into the Future With Zayo

Case Study

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Dropbox, a leading cloud storage and file sharing company, has depended on Zayo Dark Fiber and Waves infrastructure as it scaled from a startup into a multi-billion dollar company.

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In the decade since Dropbox began partnering with Zayo, the company has seen its customer base skyrocket. To keep up with the rising bandwidth demand needed to power personal and professional storage and file sharing – among other cloud-based products and solutions – it was critical Dropbox work with an equally growth-minded network partner.

“With Zayo’s products, we’ve definitely seen an impact,” Refugio Fernandez, Head of Supply Chain at Dropbox, tells Zayo, “From our pre-IPO days until now, we’ve needed a network that would scale with us as our company matured and customer base grew. Zayo has helped us be successful as we continued growing.” 

Today, Dropbox boasts over 700 million registered users. The company relies on Zayo’s extensive North American metro and long-haul fiber footprint to support this user base.

When it comes to working with Zayo, shares Warren Tam, Sourcing Manager, Network Services at Dropbox, “Zayo’s very customer-focused. Relationships with the account team are easy. We have a lot of forwardlooking conversations, which also makes planning easy.” Network operations are also seamless with the help of Zayo’s dedicated support team, something Tam notes is critical to business continuity.

“From our pre-IPO days until now, we’ve needed a network that would scale with us as our company matured and customer base grew. Zayo has helped us be successful as we continued growing.”

Refugio Fernandez
Head of Supply Chain at Dropbox

What’s Next for Dropbox and Zayo

While Dropbox depends on Zayo’s 100G Wavelengths to meet its current needs, the team is already eyeing future capacity needs. “As Dropbox looks to the future and continues exploring the best products and offerings to support our customers,” Fernandez explains, “With that, there will also likely be a need for increased infrastructure support.” 

Luckily for Fernandez and his team, Zayo offers an extensive 400G network backbone on key routes across North America, helping companies like Dropbox scale capacity to anticipate rising customer demand, now and in the future. 

“We’re currently thinking about our network architecture for 2024 and beyond and planning for multiple years out,” Fernandez says. 

In the future, Dropbox will continue to focus on being a top player in the cloud storage market while expanding its offerings to meet changing customer needs. As customers move from simple PDF file sharing to sharing more bandwidth-intensive file types like 4K video, for example, it’s their goal to remain one step ahead by offering the services and storage needed to support these kinds of data-intensive applications. 

Looking ahead to the future, Fernandez explains, “Going through our journey, we will need a network to scale with us, and Zayo will be a critical partner in reaching that objective.” 

“Zayo has really helped increase our visibility and understanding of the 400G outlook. We’re creating our roadmap for deploying 400G and beginning to deploy hardware for 400G on our infrastructure now.”

Refugio Fernandez
Head of Supply Chain at Dropbox

Why Dropbox Chose Zayo

ill icon fiber 1 1

Extensive fiber footprint

Fiber strategically placed on key long-haul and metro routes

icon growth

Scalable capacity

Up to 800G capacity available to support rising bandwidth needs

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Customer-focused service

From Zayo’s dedicated account teams

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Always-on network support

From Zayo’s knowledgeable NOC team