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Private multi-site connectivity with WAN services


For IT leaders and network architects who need flexibility and scale, Zayo’s WAN services provide the benefits of a private multi-site network without the planning and operational staff overhead allowing for easy bandwidth changes and the flexibility to add new sites. Our modern MPLS network is offered to customers as two service types: a Layer 3 IP VPN service which can be augmented with managed routers, and a Layer 2 Managed Ethernet network service (E-LAN).

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Flexible, customized, scalable bandwidth services

Zayo’s WAN services are capable of handling diverse traffic types, giving you a reliable, secure, private network linking your sites. A Zayo WAN is easy to manage. You enjoy a flexible, customized, cost-effective solution that frees up internal resources to focus on your business, rather than the network it runs on.

As well as selling standard site-to-site WAN services, we can also create custom solutions that link sites, data centers, and Cloud on-ramps using a blend of WANs, Waves, and NNIs.

Highly available core network

Zayo proactively augments capacity on our MPLS core network as utilization increases, allowing for seamless switching around faults and flexible capacity changes. We also have redundant hardware at our PoPs, further improving failover protection.

High bandwidth, Cloud from anywhere

Zayo offers 100Gbps access speeds as standard across our WAN portfolio. Furthermore, a single WAN Cloud connection gives all of your connected sites Cloud access using our optional CloudLink service. 

Global reach

Zayo’s WAN services are available in more than 120 countries and territories. We use a blend of access capabilities from our owned fiber infrastructure in North America and Europe. Through our global connectivity partners, we can connect all of your sites worldwide with a rich and flexible choice of technologies. 


  • 100 Gbps
    Up to 100Gbps offered globally
  • 44000
    On-net buildings
  • 1400
    Data centers
  • 400
    Markets globally

Features & Benefits

  • Diversity: Zayo offers diverse fiber entrances, routes, equipment, Zayo Points of Presence (“PoPs”), and even diverse technologies allowing customers to get their required level of service resiliency to each of their sites.
  • Availability: Zayo’s self-healing MPLS core provides superior performance of intelligent routing, with multiple network paths ensuring that their business applications keep running.
  • Routing: Zayo’s IP VPN allows for static or Border Gateway Protocol (“BGP”) routing options, giving customers’ IT department the flexibility in how their traffic flows are routed.
  • Scalability: Customers can easily add locations to their network, and can choose bandwidth, from 50Mbps to 100Gbps, allowing you to pay for what you need now, safe in the knowledge that we can expand to meet your needs.
  • Quality of Service (“QoS”): Prioritize your traffic with up to six Classes of Service, allowing your IT department to decide how different application types are treated in the network.
  • Service Options: Layer multiple services using single access reducing the cost and complexity of your edge equipment.
  • Security: Secure labels provide traffic isolation.
  • Compliance: Zayo’s Ethernet products are MEF 2.0 certified.
Technical Overview

Flexible bandwidth to meet changing needs

Install a WAN that will support you through your growth. With 100Gbps ports, massive core bandwidth and superior service quality, we can work together to configure your WAN solution today.

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