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Accelerating Network Connectivity Across Europe


by Yannick LeBoyer,

According to a report by the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association, compared to other advanced economies, Europe has significantly less coverage of fixed network infrastructure suitable for supporting ultra-high-speed networks. Cable network infrastructure implemented within the last century currently reaches just under 50 percent of properties in Europe, compared to over 80 percent in the United States. This is just one of many factors driving the much-needed improvement of fibre networks both within and between major metropolitan markets in the region.

Here at Zayo, we are addressing this need through the expansion of our diverse, high-quality fibre assets throughout Europe. Through partnerships with leading network providers, we provide customers with global reach capabilities to take them nearly anywhere they need to be in Europe and beyond. Our most recent deployments of low latency network connectivity are customer-driven within cities and regions of the greatest need.

New Dense Metro Networks

Recently, Zayo launched for service a dark fibre ring delivering service to Paris La Defense. As the second-largest business district in Europe after London, Paris La Defense is home to 3,600 businesses with 1,500 company headquarters. This essential fibre expansion increases Zayo’s network in the Paris Metro area to 5,600 km, providing connection to 1,154 buildings and 62 data centers.

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Our service within the UK is equally extensive, with connections to 196 data centres, including Teledata UK in Manchester and the NTT Global Data Centre in Basildon, both of which were recently brought on-net. Our new routes into TeleData’s facility will be completely diverse from other fibre providers, increasing the availability of diverse links to other connectivity hotspots including major national data centres and other technical and commercial hubs. In Newcastle, Zayo has deployed a full set of lit fibre services, including IP, into the Stellium Datacenter. This will allow us to supply connectivity requests locally while also supporting North East England’s rapidly developing technology sector. Altogether, Zayo now has 196 connected data centres in the UK.

Long-Haul Connectivity

Zayo’s deployment of lit fibre services into Stellium has enabled us to provide 10G and 100G diverse waves as well as 10G Ethernet and IP services from the facility. Stellium is now our main IP node north of Manchester and provides connectivity to the North Atlantic Loop and the new subsea cable AEC-2, which offers an alternate route from the East Coast of the U.S. to Ireland and Northern Europe. Additionally, Stellium will provide connectivity to both the North Sea Connect and the NO-UK subsea cable systems, linking Norway and Denmark to the UK. These lit fibre services allow Zayo to deliver direct diverse connectivity between key cable landing stations in the north of England from the West (Blackpool) to the East (Newcastle).

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Our global teams are also investing in long-haul connectivity between key cities in Europe. Recent deployments have included a new third dark fibre route between Dublin and London which will be of particular interest to businesses looking to implement triversity of connectivity between two key European capitals. A new lit route from the UK to the Netherlands that avoids London Metro networks addresses the needs of businesses seeking a non-London centric route within their service portfolio. Connectivity across the South of France has also been enhanced with a new lit route from Marseille to Bordeaux via Montpelier and Toulouse. Further expansions planned for late 2020 into early 2021 include a new lit route from Marseille to Zurich and a new route into Marseille Interxion 2 (MRS2).

Our ongoing development of dense fibre assets in western Europe will enable us to continue providing innovative solutions to our customers. In line with our efforts to advance network connectivity across the region, Zayo is committed to providing our customers with mission-critical routes central to their business while also laying the foundation for the 5G future and beyond with greater density, diversity, latency and turnkey mobile infrastructure.

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Zayo’s European fibre network features deep, dense metro networks in key markets and extensive metro connectivity to thousands of buildings and data centres.

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