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Zayo Enables Packet to Deliver Next Generation Infrastructure Solutions for a Software-First Future


Netscape founder Marc Andreessen famously noted that ‘software is eating the world.’ By this he meant that every business, regardless of industry, must prioritize their investment in software to transform their business models and win their markets.

Critical to the programming and maintenance of software frameworks and applications: software developers, who rely on increasingly sophisticated platforms and tools. Enter Packet, an ambitious startup that automates compute and networking infrastructure to provide developers with broader access and granular control across the network stack, enabling them to extract more value from their software initiatives.

High-Performance Connectivity That Drives Innovation

Packet provides a “bare metal” automation platform for software developers in multiple industries. Its solutions offer dedicated infrastructure, network, and developer automation tools. Packet requires highly responsive, low latency infrastructure that can be deployed locally and extended out to the network edge. Zayo has leveraged its extensive footprint to meet these needs. The flexible, customized solution for Packet includes data center space and power, a dedicated high-capacity DIA network, and IP transit, which provides connectivity to the world’s leading Tier-1 and Tier-2 providers.

By combining high-density compute colocation with high-performance connectivity, Zayo provided Packet with customizable options to meet their evolving infrastructure needs.

Packet CEO Zac Smith explains, “the broad adoption of the DevOps model has fundamentally changed the way many businesses consume infrastructure. Our mission at Packet is to abstract the hardware only enough for it to be consumed by a developer. To do this, we need partners like Zayo who not only possess a world-class global network but have also demonstrated their commitment to working with us as a long-term strategic partner. From the very beginning of our engagement, the team at Zayo has never said no to our requests but rather found creative ways to help us in our mission to change the paradigm of how developers consume and engage with infrastructure.”

Delivering Value to The Edge and Beyond

While the initial scope of a recent project was focused on the Dallas metro area, the team at Packet is planning to use this initial deployment as a blueprint for expanding into dozens of new markets, allowing them to price their services more competitively and focus on their core competence. According to Smith, their partnership with Zayo is already yielding solid dividends, estimating that they have reduced their overall cross-connect charges across the board by as much as 30 percent by eliminating redundancies via IP Transit and transport consolidation.

With a strategic partner like Zayo by its side, Packet is well-positioned in its mission to help its customers exploit the full potential of network and compute resources to drive new innovations to market.

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