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What is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?


From small businesses to global enterprises, almost every business today relies on bandwidth. It’s a universal experience in our digital world: if you experience a network outage or slowdown, business operations slow, customers become frustrated, and you lose money. That’s why more organizations are turning to private business Internet connections as a solution. 

Dedicated Internet Access, or DIA for short, provides just that. This dedicated Internet connection is fast, reliable, and guarantees bandwidth. It gives you a better experience and service quality, even during disruptions. 

This blog discusses Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and why Zayo’s approach is the best for reliable, secure, and scalable Internet services. It explains the benefits and advantages of DIA over other types of Internet access.

What is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

Dedicated Internet Access ensures an exclusive and reliable Internet connection for businesses,  unlike shared Internet access, which multiple users utilize. It can run on various types of connectivity including fiber.  

Features of Dedicated Internet Access DIA

  • Symmetrically high upload and download speeds, ensuring efficient data transfer.
  • A dedicated connection provides a more reliable and secure connection to your enterprise with inherent security features, such as Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
  • Reliable connectivity, enabling a consistent experience across users and devices.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth, allowing businesses to efficiently handle bandwidth-intensive applications and scale flexibly when needs evolve. 
  • Higher quality service with service level agreements that typically come with a DIA solution. A service level agreement (SLA) guarantees certain levels of performance, uptime, and support response. 
  • The connection is dedicated solely to your business, providing more flexibility and customization to fit your business’s specific needs. 

Who Uses Dedicated Internet Access?

Enterprises in every sector, particularly those where continuous, high-capacity Internet connectivity is indispensable, adopt DIA for its operational advantages. Here are a few examples of how enterprises in each of those industries can benefit from DIA. 

DIA in Finance: A Case for Unwavering Reliability

In the financial sector, nanosecond trading delays can translate to significant losses. DIA’s commitment to reliability and low-latency performance makes it the backbone of financial organizations’ digital infrastructure, enabling firms to maintain a competitive edge. DIA makes it easy to use cloud applications, transfer large files, and provide a good customer experience.

Elevating Retail Operations with DIA

Retail chains must have a secure and reliable point-of-sale and back-office operations portal for success. DIA provides the platform for streamlined, secure operations, critical for providing an uninterrupted shopping experience in-store and online. A global store chain using DIA uses a single network for sales, inventory, and customer service. This helps everything to run smoothly and stay connected.

Healthcare at the Speed of DIA

In healthcare, the imperative for consistent, secure, and real-time data exchange is inherent. DIA powers seamless video conferencing, patient data management, and research collaborations, fueling life-saving advancements and game-changing efficiencies.

Dedicated Internet Access vs. Shared Internet Access

When comparing dedicated Internet access (DIA) with shared Internet access, it’s crucial to consider their performance under different scenarios. 

Shared Internet access, while cost-effective, may struggle to accommodate traffic during peak times. This can result in bottlenecks that could impact the performance and availability of mission-critical applications. 

On the other hand, dedicated Internet access (DIA) offers a dedicated Internet service, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even during high-demand periods. This makes it a preferred choice for organizations prioritizing fast data transfer and performance stability..

Here are some more ways in which DIA stands apart from shared Internet connections: 

Performance and reliability

With a dedicated connection to the Internet, DIA users experience guaranteed bandwidth which ensures consistent performance and reliability. Because other users do not share the connection, the risk of slowdowns or congestion during peak times is minimal. 

Shared Internet users share a connection with others, so they may experience slower speeds during busy times. 

Bandwidth availability 

Dedicated Internet access users enjoy exclusive bandwidth tailored to their business and scalable to accommodate growth. Bandwidth availability for shared Internet users can fluctuate depending on how many people are sharing the connection and their provider’s capacity. 


DIA is more secure than shared Internet service. Because DIA has a private connection to the Internet, and a shared Internet service uses a public connection, your data is less likely to be intercepted or compromised on a DIA connection.

Service Level Agreements 

The typical DIA contract comes with service level agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime, performance, and support response. This ensures high quality of service and reliability. 

SLAs may be available for shared Internet access users, as well. However, they are often less comprehensive and come with fewer uptime and performance guarantees. 

Business Continuity and Redundancy 

You can configure DIA with redundancy options such as failover connections and diverse routing. This ensures business continuity and minimizes downtime in the face of disruption. 

Shared Internet access users are more likely to face downtime during network outages or disruptions. 

Why Zayo Dedicated Internet Access

In a competitive landscape, Zayo’s Dedicated Internet Access offering stands out. Here’s how: 

  • Tier-1 Internet backbone provides the best IP experience. 
  • Top-notch user experience and support. Zayo combines the advantages of a large provider’s network and scale with the personalized service of a small provider. Plus, we offer around-the-clock support and network management.
  • Flexible, scalable, and customizable bandwidth. Zayo can easily add more locations as your needs grow with customizable network designs and flexible billing. 
  • Guaranteed bandwidth with a dedicated connection to the Internet ensuring continual high-speed Internet connectivity. 
  • Built-in routing security. Routing security that safeguards the traffic on our network is inherent in Zayo’s IP network. 
  • Achieve symmetrical download and upload speeds without restrictions.
  • The option to add in-network-based DDoS protection to your service for even greater protection.

The adoption of DIA is as much a strategic decision as it is a technical one. In a world where the quality and reliability of Internet services can make or break a business, DIA is a beacon of connectivity integrity.

To ensure your Internet connectivity reflects the integrity of your business, consider DIA from Zayo.

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