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Enabling Innovation and Collaboration in Healthcare

In healthcare, biotech, and pharma, innovation is advancing all aspects of patient care, healthcare management, and leading-edge research. Fields like genomics hold great promise for breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Right now, work is rapidly accelerating on gene-based vaccines, which hold promise for COVID-19. The extensive computational resources, storage, and transport to support these technologies require infrastructure with high levels of performance, capacity, and resilience. The data requirements alone are staggering: healthcare is rapidly approaching the zettabyte threshold in terms of the enormous amount of data generated.

The challenge for healthcare companies, and the IT individuals responsible for the day-to-day management of their network, is to take a forward-looking view — to ensure that their need to innovate doesn’t get ahead of their ability to deliver. That’s a tough task in normal times, given the daily demands of supporting mission-critical services, patient care, and digital records and ensuring communications with secure, reliable, resilient infrastructure.

The current environment has also underscored the vital importance of collaboration at all levels. Demand is surging from employees collaborating over internal networks, through remote access of corporate networks, and over collaboration platforms. Physicians and healthcare professionals look for phone-based alerts and real-time communication across healthcare campuses, which in some cases have expanded to field facilities. Isolated patients are relying on wireless connectivity to communicate externally with family and friends. And telehealth, an anomaly for most patients and providers just months ago, has become mainstream with all indications that virtual healthcare is a transformation that’s here to stay.

With more than 950 hospitals and clinics as our customers, we understand how healthcare companies are using infrastructure to keep pace with these unprecedented challenges. We are working with companies that are triaging their network choke points in the short term while they evaluate the benefits of upgrading to higher-capacity infrastructure. Some are moving to hybrid cloud solutions and dedicated cloud connectivity to prioritize life-critical applications while meeting the stringent privacy and security requirements for digital records. Others are evaluating 5G applications, which can provide both capacity and low latency required for groundbreaking advances in wireless applications, sensor-based patient care, and telemedicine.

What’s clear to us: the innovation and collaboration needed today and in a post-pandemic world requires sophisticated communications infrastructure. From dark fiber to 100G+ wavelengths to indoor and outdoor 5G infrastructure, Zayo’s comprehensive portfolio includes the solutions health facilities need to address the learnings that are emerging from this crisis. Our team, which includes healthcare sector experts and solutions engineers, stands ready to partner with you to architect and implement the right solution.

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