Advances in Technology Create Unprecedented Demand for Bandwidth

Technology is reshaping healthcare. Hospitals, clinics and medical offices are rapidly moving to the digitisation of their records and images. Mobile and telehealth applications are bringing sophisticated services to patients in even the most remote areas.

The result? Healthcare is experiencing unprecedented demand for bandwidth and high-performance, private, reliable connectivity and infrastructure.

Zayo is experienced in delivering solutions to meet the bandwidth needs and complex healthcare requirements, including HIPAA and other regulations. We serve many of the biggest names in healthcare, including nationally renowned magnet hospitals, top five pharmaceutical firms and large insurance companies.

Our private fibre and optical equipment ensures dedicated data transport with the capacity to handle very large files. Using direct routes ensures the lowest possible latency and prevents impacts from shared networks. We also provide on-net connectivity to other providers, pharmacies and insurers, enabling organisations to collaborate and communicate – enhancing patient care.

Our experience means we understand how to address industry-specific challenges and the bandwidth demands they create. Zayo will work closely with you to develop a solution for your organisation that meets your needs today and can scale as your organisation evolves and grows.

Our Healthcare Services include:

Dark Fibre

The single most secure solution with virtually unlimited scalability


Up to 100 Gbps with options for diversity and private fibre and optronics


For secure high-bandwidth long-haul connections


E-Line and ELAN solutions

Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems

Improve mobile device performance with a campus-wide indoor antenna system


Geographically diverse BCDR facilities and carrier-neutral interconnectivity

Learn how Zayo’s fibre-based network can increase the quality and efficiency of your organisation’s patient care.

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