Improve Patient Care with a High-Bandwidth Network


Hospitals, specialty clinics, and medical offices depend on the reliable and secure transfer and storage of an extraordinary amount of data. Bandwidth demands will continue to grow because tools like EMR, medical imaging, mobile health, and telehealth are booming. These forces are reshaping healthcare IT and increasing the importance of network connectivity. A fiber-based WAN can improve patient care and increase IT flexibility.

Why Partner with Zayo?

  • Zayo provides fiber-based connectivity and carrier-neutral colocation. No VoIP, video conferencing, or managed routers—just bandwidth and colocation.
  • If you’ve outgrown the LEC and need a custom network solution, work with Zayo, because we are nimble and decisive.
  • Zayo has experience designing solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of mission-critical healthcare networks.
  • Zayo has over 16 straight quarters of revenue growth and strong access to cash via debt and equity markets. This financial strength empowers the company to continually invest in its network to meet customer needs.
  • Zayo serves many of the biggest names in healthcare, including nationally renowned magnet hospitals, top-five pharmaceutical firms, and top-five insurance companies. Read our healthcare case studies to learn more about Zayo’s healthcare successes.

Network ControlHealthcare Network Diagram

  • Built-to-Spec: What do you want to accomplish with your network? Zayo can deliver.
  • Reliable: Most Zayo fiber routes are physically diverse from legacy carrier routes.
  • Secure: Zayo offers private fiber and optical equipment, enabling the most secure data transport possible.
  • Latency-Sensitive: Direct routes reduce latency and eliminate impacts from shared network bottlenecks. Work with Zayo to minimize and stabilize latency.
  • Scalable: Increase bandwidth as your needs grow. We own and operate our fiber network and invest to prevent bandwidth bottlenecks, ensuring that there will be available capacity when you need it.

Healthcare Bandwidth Drivers

  • Network convergence, IT efficiencies, integration of administrative functions
  • Government compliance, including Meaningful Use and HIPAA
  • Encryption for privacy and security
  • Medical imaging, including high-definition MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays
  • EMRs and other mission-critical information
  • Storage at third-party data centers for BC/DR purposes and to support remote specialty offices
  • Telemedicine, telepsychology, and remote consultations
  • Back-up and disaster recovery
  • BYOD enablement

Services for Healthcare

  • Dark Fiber: the single most secure solution, with virtually unlimited scalability
  • Wavelengths: up to 100 Gbps, with options for diversity and private fiber and optronics
  • Ethernet: E-Line and ELAN solutions at up to 10 Gbps
  • VPN: for secure high-bandwidth long haul connections
  • Colocation: geographically diverse BCDR facilities and carrier-neutral interconnectivity
  • Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems: improve mobile device performance with a campus-wide indoor antenna system
  • Zayo serves some of the largest medical providers in the United States. Contact Zayo to discuss how a fiber-based network can increase the quality and efficiency of your organization's patient care.
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About Zayo
Zayo Group is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet, IP services, SONET, carrier-neutral colocation, and technical services.

Our network footprint extends over 77,113 route miles, providing fiber-based connectivity between major data centers, carrier PoPs, enterprise buildings, and more.