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Easy, secure Networking

Whether you need enterprise-grade connectivity for a single location or a private network for multiple sites, Zayo’s Enterprise Solutions give you reliable, fast, dedicated bandwidth as well as full protection from security attacks, with the option to add a private link to the cloud. All in a single networking package, all from one vendor.

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Enterprise-grade, protected Internet

For businesses that need secured Internet connectivity for a single site, Zayo’s Shielded Internet Access (SIA) solution is a dedicated, reliable, and fast Internet connection that includes automated DDoS Protection and a private connection to the Cloud — delivered as a single service with significant cost savings.

Fast, secure private network

For businesses that need to securely and privately connect multiple sites, Zayo’s Shielded Virtual Network (SVN) is a dedicated, fast, protected, private network solution. You get all the benefits of SIA, plus a multi-site private network. With SVN, you can seamlessly and securely communicate and share data among locations within your own private IP VPN network. You can access the Internet from each office, protect your internet connection against cyber attacks with Zayo’s DDoS Protection, and connect directly to the Cloud, all with a single, low-cost package.

High-performance bandwidth

SIA and SVN both provide a dedicated Internet connection on a multiservice port — you’re not competing for bandwidth with anyone. And we don’t oversubscribe our network, meaning you never experience congestion. Because Zayo is a Tier 1 provider, you’re getting the same experience as the largest companies in the world.

Secure and reliable

With SIA and SVN solutions, our DDoS Protection mitigates the risk of an attack before it disrupts your business. Our dedicated service and support teams are available around the clock, actively managing for consistent performance and continually monitoring the network route to prevent outages. With SVN, our fiber-based virtual networking allows all of your locations to communicate privately and securely. Zayo’s network is diverse and intelligently designed – so when they go down, we stay up.

Private connection to the cloud

As an optional upgrade to these services, Zayo’s CloudLink gives you a direct, secure connection to the Cloud from any location — not just data centers — with bandwidth speeds up to 100Gbps. The result: private cloud connection with comprehensive reach, reliability, and performance.

An enterprise-grade, secure network

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