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Toronto is next

Need high-performance Internet for your business? As high-speed internet providers in Toronto, Zayo Enterprise Solutions are reliable and secure, carrier-grade connectivity over dedicated bandwidth — which means no more congestion slow-downs from a shared network.

High-performance Internet for a high-performance city

Whether it’s international financial trading or clean tech transportation, innovation is happening in Toronto — and you need high-speed connectivity to power it all. That’s why Zayo is now offering fast, reliable, secure Internet in Toronto.  Because we own and operate underlying fiber infrastructure, we can offer the most direct connection to the Internet, to the cloud, and to your larger network of locations. You won’t share your bandwidth with other users, so you get the high-speed Internet in Toronto you pay for, along with access to Zayo’s advanced network capabilities.


Networking and connectivity for business

Created with the enterprise in mind, our bundled solutions include automated DDoS protection with always-on monitoring, attack identification, and unlimited auto-mitigation — all delivered by a single vendor to one or multiple locations over VPN.

Secure and reliable

DDoS attacks are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and more disruptive. Zayo’s DDoS Protection mitigates an attack before it impacts your business. The result: your mission-critical traffic remains active at all times.

Easy and cost-effective

Because Zayo Enterprise Solutions are packaged together on a single port over our fiber network, it comes at a significant cost saving. We provide flexible commercial terms, with easy configuration on our customer service portal.

Market Overview: Toronto

Zayo is a Tier-1 Internet and networking force in Toronto. We did the hard work, by building and operating one of the largest fiber-optic networks in the area. Now we…

Toronto, ready for enterprise-grade, secure connectivity?

Zayo Enterprise Solutions provides single site or multi-site connectivity, dedicated, and high-performance Internet, shielded from security threats.