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As the demand for bandwidth and seamless customer experiences grow, Zayo continues to enhance our network accordingly. Recently, we announced that we’ve expanded our network into new areas, fortified routes with 400G, introduced Waves On Demand on select routes, added new layers of security to our network, and more. 

But what do these enhancements mean for our customers? 

In this blog, we’ll break down five ways our latest expansions and enhancements benefit our customers. 

1. Enabling high-speed data storage and transfer

Largely thanks to digital transformation efforts undertaken over the past decade or so and the rise of digital technologies that have come with it, companies today grapple with more data than ever before. 

When organized and analyzed correctly, this data can provide a goldmine of insights for companies to help boost productivity, optimize processes, inform better decisions, and enhance the overall customer experience. However, storing and moving this data from one place to another requires a lot of bandwidth. 

To analyze data in real-time and transfer higher-bandwidth file types like HD or 4K video, for example, companies need a lower-latency and reliable connection. Zayo’s latest network expansion introduces more capacity into the network, meaning our customers have the bandwidth they need to store, transfer, and analyze large amounts of data. 

Zayo plans to complete 32 400G routes in 2023 alone, bringing us up to 224 total 400G-enabled routes, and bringing you the bandwidth you need for even your most complex data projects. 

2. Operating a network for a future you didn’t see coming

The digital transformation process involves more than just taking on large amounts of data. It also entails adopting new and innovative technologies that necessitate increased network capacity.

Digital transformation is not a one-and-done process. It requires companies to be agile, adopting new technologies as they arise – and these new technologies typically require the immediate addition of new bandwidth – bandwidth you haven’t always planned for. 

Luckily, Zayo makes it easy to turn up capacity at a moment’s notice. Our new Waves On Demand service enables customers to turn up their Wavelength capacity in 24 hours or less, significantly shortening delivery times on some of our highest-demand routes. 

Waves On Demand is now available on eight key routes, with five additional routes planned.

3. Expanding your operations

Zayo serves school districts, government bodies, and businesses of all sizes in North America and beyond with reliable coverage and support. Aside from bolstering our network capacity, we’ve expanded our network’s geographic coverage, to include new long-haul routes and denser metro edge connections. There are still populations in the United States without adequate connectivity today. Zayo’s network expansion efforts are helping to bridge the gap to ensure our students and workforces across the country all have the opportunity to realize their vision. 

Dr. Thomas Weeks, Chief Technology Officer at Hillsborough County Public Schools, says about the expansion, “We trust Zayo because they invest in their world-class network. The Zayo team worked with us to tailor a solution that met the unique needs of our school district and enhanced our effectiveness to help students and staff achieve.”

Zayo’s network reaches dense metropolitan areas as well as previously underserved communities. Our expansion means more access to online resources, cheaper Internet options for more people, and better connectivity for dispersed workforces. 

4. Enjoying the peace of mind a good network brings

Zayo aims to deliver reliable, quality network services to all of our customers, regardless of location. No one likes downtime, slow speeds, or other performance issues. Our customers rely on us for the fast speeds and always-on connectivity they need to run their businesses. 

Since the pandemic, the Internet has become an even more vital component of business continuity. Whether our customer is a hospital providing telemedicine services, a school offering online education, or a tech company with a dispersed workforce, reliable connectivity is absolutely critical. When we upgrade and expand our network, we reassure our customers that we put quality and reliability first. 

Zayo is partnering with Juniper Networks to upgrade our IP-core network with 400G, enabling higher-speed bandwidth services for our customers. When we fortify our existing routes, our customers can rest assured that more bandwidth will be available to them when they need it. 

5. Fortifying your network with resilience and redundancy

Finally, our latest network enhancements put network resilience and redundancy at the forefront. We know that downtime and outages can be detrimental to our customers. They can hurt a business’s finances, reputation, productivity, and operations. Customers need a network they can depend on. 

Our overbuilds strengthen our network in areas where customers need it most. We’ve  increased capacity and created added redundancy. So when you choose Zayo, your traffic flows uninterrupted, even during periods of congestion. Our alternate routes provide diversity to your network, mitigating the risk of network outages and enabling a faster, more reliable network experience.

What’s more, our new network security features allow for an even more resilient network by protecting against route hijacking. We’ve implemented Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) for this purpose, making the Internet safer for everyone using it. Zayo is also the first communications infrastructure provider to include two-factor authentication for Border Gateway Protocol route management, improving security for the entire Internet community.

Zayo Unveils Significant Network Expansion

Zayo continues to invest in growing, protecting and automating its core to cloud to edge network capabilities and solutions