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Zayo is a provider of bandwidth infrastructure services and carrier-neutral colocation serving organizations in the U.S. and internationally. The company has publicly-registered debt and privately-held equity. Our customers include wireline and wireless carriers, and high-bandwidth enterprises from disaster recovery, media content, educational, financial, government, healthcare, and other industries.

Founded in 2007, the firm is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has offices in the United States and Europe. We offer a full suite of products to serve our clients' needs, including dark fiber, lit transport and IP services, and carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection. Zayo's network connects 16,151 buildings in 319 markets, with particularly strong connectivity in the United States, United Kingdom, and France.

Contact Information
Stacey Finerman
  • 1805 29th Street, Suite 2050
    Boulder, Colorado 80301
  • (303) 414-2545
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AboveNet Acquisition

On July 2, 2012, Zayo Group completed the financing of $3.3 billion in equity and debt in conjunction with the close of its acquisition of AboveNet and the refinancing of all current Zayo and AboveNet debt. The funding consisted of $472 million in equity and $2.87 billion of new debt plus, a new $225 million revolving credit facility which remains undrawn. The debt includes a $1.62 billion term loan due in 2019, $750 million of 8.125% Senior Secured First-Priority Notes due in 2017, and $500 million of 10.125% Senior Unsecured Notes due in 2020.

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Company Governance

Please review Zayo's Corporate Governance page to learn about the people and systems in place to ensure the proper stewardship of our company.

AboveNet Shareholders

Zayo acquired AboveNet on July 2nd, 2012. For share information, please contact:

Corporate Actions
P.O. Box 43014
Providence, RI  02940-3014
Phone inside USA, US territories & Canada: (800) 546-5141
Phone outside USA, US territories & Canada: (781) 575-2765

For Sales, Call Zayo at (866) 364-6033
About Zayo
Zayo Group is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet, IP services, SONET, carrier-neutral colocation, and technical services.

Our network footprint extends over 81,500 route miles, providing fiber-based connectivity between major data centers, carrier PoPs, enterprise buildings, and more.