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Paradigm-shifting technologies like AI, 5G, microservices, IoT, and blockchain require more data, more network nodes, and more servers in more locations. The result: the knowledge economy has become the bandwidth economy. Information and ideas are only as strong as the future-proof network that connects us to them. Bandwidth, latency, reliability, and security will determine who wins and what’s next.

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Zayo + Pac-12

For years, Zayo has provided high-performance fiber networks and infrastructure to move, process, and store enormous volumes of data that allow the Pac-12 to produce and distribute top-quality programming for their customers and partners. And now, Zayo has become an Official Partner of the Pac-12.


Zayo Enables Top Quality Programming for Pac-12 Network

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Digital Acceleration

Looking Back at a Milestone Year: Our Journey to Exceed Customer Expectations with our Service

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Case Study

Pac-12 Networks Powered by Zayo and Ciena Network Infrastructure Solutions

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Zayo Customer Pac-12 Wins IDC Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Award

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