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Secure It All — The Network, Cloud, Applications, and Users Everywhere

Every month, Zayo defends organizations of all sizes — including school systems, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and media companies — from data breaches, ransomware, downtime, and disaster by securing their core networks, their edge, and their cloud. With our robust portfolio of security and networking solutions, coupled with our network experts, you can:

Improve performance, integration, security, and management across your network for an exceptional experience for all users, applications, devices, and locations with SASE.

Optimize your network security while enhancing your performance with Firewall as a Service, CASB, SWG, and ZTNA.

Enjoy a customer-first approach to designing, deploying, monitoring, and managing your entire network solution from your edge to anywhere.

Zayo’s network. Industry-leading security.
Enhanced performance. Managed by Zayo.

Zayo & Netskope – The network partnership you never knew you needed.

If you have a performance problem, you probably have a security problem. Now enhanced with Netskope SSE solutions, Zayo’s Managed Edge maintains shielded network protection, seamless and scalable hybrid work, and upholds industry-leading application performance.

Bolster network performance with Cloud Integrated SD-WAN capabilities

Bring your off-net locations on-net and cultivate a smooth edge-core-cloud solution regardless of your building’s location. Zayo offers simple and cohesive connectivity to our co-hosted gateways forging a direct private link into the cloud, legacy network infrastructure, and all locations with industry-leading security. 

The "A" in "SASE" is what truly matters. Anytime, anywhere access enables people to be more productive than ever. SASE will continue to evolve and incorporate more forms and styles of access, further enabling businesses to strike the right balance between staying secure and getting work done.

Steve Riley

VP & Field CTO, Netskope

Why Should I Work With a Managed Service Provider

Maintain Holistic Network Security. Zayo’s Managed SASE shields your network from all directions while maintaining network health. Safeguard against security threats and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Enable Distributed Workforces. Streamline network management, reduce network complexity, and simplify branch connectivity. Protect the most vulnerable elements of your network while maintaining flexibility.

Stay in Control of Your Network. Access the best-of-breed vendors and Zayo’s Tier-1 network for an end-to-end network solution.

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Our goal as a managed service provider is to take all those pieces, regardless of who the vendors are, and give our customers a seamless transition from a traditional WAN environment to a more secure, unified, SASE environment. We make that as seamless as possible, to bring the best expertise to the table, and then help the customers through that journey so they can focus on the things that grow their business and enable their business.

Edward Loveless

Director of Product, Zayo

Managed Edge Networking Solutions: A complete edge-to-core-to-cloud solution 

Zayo’s Managed Edge provides an end-to-end networking solution with comprehensive connectivity, security, monitoring, and management. You’ll enjoy an efficient network that’s secure, stable, scalable, and sustainable. Talk to our expert team today to see how we can help accelerate your digital transformation.


Remain agile and react quickly to evolving business needs. Connect your offices, data centers, and clouds, to enjoy enhanced performance, reliability, and security. Our intelligently built network observability portal, with built-in automation and AIOps, means you’ll always know what’s going on with your network.

DDoS Protection

Ensure that your enterprise stays safe amid the growing DDoS threat landscape with Zayo’s DDoS Protection. Zayo’s network-based solution proactively identifies DDoS attacks with accuracy and mitigates them before they impact your business.


Zayo WANs offer multi-site connectivity with a Layer 3 IP VPN service which can be augmented with managed routers.

Transform your network solution and connect all locations with Zayo’s Managed edge networking solutions.

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Managed Edge Networking Solutions

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

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