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Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN: Bridging Enterprise Edge and Cloud Efficiency


In the late 90s, a networking technology star named MPLS was born. Before Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) was introduced to the networking world, sending data across the network was slow and inefficient. MPLS shattered existing models, reduced complexities in routing protocols, and made networks faster, more efficient, and more reliable than ever before. It was revolutionary for its time. 

However, once groundbreaking networking technologies like MPLS simply weren’t made for our cloud-based, hybrid work world. Today, forward-thinking enterprises are transitioning from legacy networking solutions like MPLS or VPN to SD-WAN for more efficient networks, better equipped for the digital and dispersed workplace. 

Though necessary, transitioning from legacy solutions to new ones can be daunting. The transition can introduce new complexities and costs into your ecosystem of networking solutions – but it doesn’t have to.

Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN: The Networking Solution for the Cloud Era

That’s why Zayo is introducing Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN – a new feature to our Managed Edge solution where we co-host the SD-WAN gateways that connect directly into our fiber network. Whether or not the Zayo network runs through your building, you can now easily and cost-effectively connect directly and privately to the Cloud and integrate your legacy systems to SD-WAN, at your own pace.

Let’s dive into some of the key benefits of Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN from Zayo.

1. It makes transitioning from legacy systems easy

There’s no question – if your business relies on legacy technologies today, you risk falling behind. With Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN, your transition to a cloud-based solution is easy. 

With Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN, you can gradually introduce SD-WAN to your locations, allowing your existing network solutions and SD-WAN to coexist instead of ripping out your current solution and replacing it with a new one all at once. That means if you have a legacy MPLS solution or dedicated network connection in your network core now, you can integrate your legacy network solutions while introducing SD-WAN. This gradual transition ensures that your network remains functional and your business keeps running while you make the switch to a more modern infrastructure. 

Zayo makes the transition simple. Our expert team is here to support you at whatever level is needed. There are many options available for incremental SD-WAN adoption:

ZAY2588 SD WAN Feature Diagram v3

2. It enables cloud access from anywhere

One of the most critical elements of network transformation is connecting to the Cloud. By tapping into Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN, you can establish a true edge-to-core-to-cloud network that allows anyone, anywhere to access applications and data stored in the Cloud. 

What’s more, Zayo’s CloudLink – our private connection to your cloud providers – enables seamless multi-cloud connections from any location with ultra-low latency data transfer and enhanced application access. CloudLink, when paired with Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN, allows you to connect all of your locations physically and in the Cloud. 

Used together, CloudLink and Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN reduce cloud migration costs and usage expenses, saving you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on the cloud service provider’s (CSP’s) connection in and out of the Cloud. 

The result is a more stable network, easy and fast access to data, smoothly running applications, and big savings on data egress fees.

3. It simplifies your network and saves you money

Traditional CSP models introduce complexity and cost into infrastructure modernization. Luckily, working with Zayo isn’t just good for your network, it’s good for your wallet. 

Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN makes connecting to the Cloud more cost-effective. On average, customers save 70% on operational costs with Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN using Zayo’s solution in comparison to the traditional over-the-top model. You only pay for the services you use while enjoying dedicated, private, reliable, and guaranteed connectivity – without the expense of building the physical network infrastructure.

SD-WAN already offered centralized management, dynamic traffic routing, application visibility and control, and greater integration with cloud services than its predecessors. Now, Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN makes it even easier to connect to the cloud cost-effectively. 

Explore Zayo’s Comprehensive Managed Edge Portfolio

Making the transition from legacy technologies to SD-WAN can be easy.  Zayo offers a whole suite of edge solutions under our Managed Edge portfolio to help optimize network performance, reduce network complexities, and increase reliability. Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN is our latest enhancement to your network edge.

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Altogether, Zayo’s Managed Edge portfolio offers: 

  • Access to Zayo’s Tier-1 backbone, no matter where your enterprise is located. Enjoy stable network performance and core connectivity since all SD-WAN gateways are integrated into Zayo’s backbone network. 
  • Seamless integration with your private and public cloud networks. 
  • Reduced cloud migration costs and usage expenses. Save money on egress fees typically associated with cloud connectivity when you pair Cloud-Integrated SD-WAN with CloudLink. 
  • Visibility and control. Zayo’s AIOps-powered platform diagnoses and proactively remediates network issues before they happen. Our zInsights portal provides intelligence on all of your vendors and platforms for a comprehensive view of network performance in real time. 
  • Unmatched engineering expertise, support, and management. Zayo’s team, with over 20 years of network experience, provides the level of support your business requires – from deployment to maintenance and monitoring and every step in between. Plus, you’ll gain 24x7x365 support from our network operations center (NOC). 
  • Enhanced security options. Zayo’s vendor-agnostic Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution simplifies and optimizes your network security while enhancing performance. 

A complete edge-to-core-to-cloud solution, equipping your business for what’s next. Zayo is different from other Managed Service providers. We own our backbone fiber network and offer connectivity to public and private clouds, giving our customers a complete edge-to-core-to-cloud solution.

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