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Colocation that gets you closer to the edge

As the volume of data grows and real-time data processing becomes critical for new applications, businesses must manage latency and network performance in even more distributed ways. To meet this challenge, Zayo Colocation gives you space and power options in distributed locations that are optimal for low-latency compute, storage, and networking closer to end users— while providing diversity from major data centers.

Space and power where you need it

Zayo’s Colocation portfolio enables you to utilize distributed colocation sites across the country to offload and process capacity closer to your customers. We provide flexibility in space and power setups to meet your unique requirements, in both key markets and rural areas, for companies moving to the edge.

Distributed options

Zayo Colocation has a range of distributed options to improve latency. Zayo offers colocation space and power at sites across the country. We have extensive routing options within and between major markets, land lease options in rural areas for satellite providers, and partnerships with multiple data center providers.

Unrivaled connectivity

Zayo Colocation connects you to the cloud through partnerships with the largest data center & cloud providers in the world. You're just a cross connect away from your cloud provider or partner carrier. With more than 137,000 route miles of fiber, Zayo's network transports your data wherever you need it delivered.

  • 2000 +
  • 1400
    On-net data centers
  • 137000
    Route miles of fiber

Is your network prepared to perform at the Edge?

Find out how Zayo Colocation can give you space and power options where you need them.

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